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What are the reasons why so many people are sent to jail in this country?

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WHAT ARE THE REASONS WHY SO MANY PEOPLE ARE SENT TO JAIL IN THIS COUNTRY? HOW AND WHY MIGHT THIS NUMBER BE REDUCED? In the last decade, the prison population of this country has been increasing and at this moment in time it reached an all-time high. You would think that the rise of the prison population is due to the increase of people committing crimes, however this is not to be. This growth is due to the Home Secretary wanting to be more 'tough' on crime. This is why so many people convicted of indictable offences are sent to jail. The idea that if criminals are kept in jail they will then be unable commit further crimes. ...read more.


The series of speeches that David Blunkett made earlier this year caused the prison population to start increasing again. A big factor in the rise of prison population is the increase in the usage of shorter prison sentences. More and more people are given prison sentences of six months or less. Many of these sentences tackle anti-social crimes but the government's 2001 Halliday Report said that short sentences gives the authorities little chance to tackle offending. The young offenders prison population has by far the most. This is due to the home secretaries wanting to lock up those involved in drug-related crimes. The law has also changed as now offenders between 15-17 can get longer sentences for some crimes. ...read more.


Surveys can be produced to see which type of sentence works best for different crimes and if they keep criminals from re-offending. The number of people being convicted of crimes clearly shows that current sentences aren't working, as they should. The government can also revert back to the means of sentencing that was used in the 1980's. Community based sentencing has been proven to work but it might be hard to enforce it and control the rate of crime. Locking people up is the easiest way of dealing with crime but an effort has to be made to reducing crime and keeping the public safe without sending convicts to jail. Nowadays, crime is on the rise and evidently the threat of being sent to jail isn't stopping people from offending. Prison population is rising for nothing. More emphasis should be placed on rehabilitation and trying to convert convicts into law-abiding citizens. ...read more.

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