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What different kinds of coastal protection are there along the coast of Norfolk, andwhat do they depend on?

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What different kinds of coastal protection are there along the coast of Norfolk, and what do they depend on? Aim My aim is, as the title suggests, finding out what different kinds of coastal protection there are along the coast of Norfolk, and what they have an effect on. Theory Coastlines can be eroded or constructed. There are many different ways of doing both. Destructive waves, long shore drift and weathering (physical and chemical) are all the possible ways of destroying or moving the coastline. Constructive waves and long shore drift are the two possible ways of constructing a coastline. Although over the past few decades, there has been a new way introducing itself as a destructive force. The rise in sea level. Due to increased global warming, the sea level has risen, and therefore eroded higher levels of coastline: Waves The power and type of the wave has a large effect on the erosion and construction of the coastline. The more fetch a wave has, the more power the wave has when it reaches the beach. The fetch of the wave is the distance the wind has to blow on the sea/wave until it reaches the beach. There are two types of wave. One is called Constructive, and the other is called Destructive. Constructive waves push material (sand, debris, fish etc) towards the beach and onto it, therefore increasing the length/height of the beach, but are less powerful than the destructive waves. ...read more.


etc. Two questionnaires will need to be filled in by the public for every place that I visit. I intend to do this by introducing myself as a pupil from Oakham School, and explaining what the questionnaire is about. I have chose to measure all these things because I believe that these are the main things that are influencing and suffering an affect from the coastal protection. Current/Future Coastal Protection The existing defences are valued at over �70 million. Currently the Council has a maintenance programme costing �175,000 and has spent an average of �1,350,000 per year over the last five years on capital works. Subject to Ministry approvals, the Council proposes to invest over �7 million over the next four years on capital works schemes and developing its strategy for implementation of the Shoreline Management Plans. Data Collection Objective What kind of data needed Where the data will be obtained from Field Sketches Drawings The view of the beach area Land Use Written Data Norfolk District Council Information Questionnaire Written Data The public Coastal Defences Drawings + Written Field Sketches Data Presentation I have chosen to display some of my data in tables, some in pie charts, some in graphs, some in diagrams, some in photos, and the rest in writing. On the next page are some graphs and pie charts that I have compiled from my data on the questionnaire: 1.) ...read more.


Although these tests were done using answers of my own, I still value them as a reliable source of information. After analysing all my data, and looking at my results, I can see clearly that the different kinds of coastal protection depend on how much there is to be preserved. My data all seems to reinforce each other, as there is a direct link, the more to be preserved, the more coastal defences there will/should be in place. Conclusion I conclude that as the land use increases, so does the amount and quality of the defences. I can see this from all the results I have obtained during my investigation. This follows what my original prediction said, although I also said in my prediction that the amount and quality of sea defences depend also on the rate of erosion. Using my results as evidence, this is not true. This is because although there may be high erosion, the council may not feel that it's worth spending money on so little to save. Evaluation I evaluate that my investigation went well. The only thing I came across that I didn't expect was the fact that the amount of sea defence doesn't rely solely on rate of erosion, if at all. My results match with what my prediction (hypothesis) said, and I obtained all the information and results that I said I would in my objectives. I hope that this project can be used again. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Coastal Landforms section.

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