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What do we learn about the traditional lifestyle of women in Africa in 'Veronica' and how far does the author seem to support a change in this lifestyle?

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Diverse Cultures Coursework What do we learn about the traditional lifestyle of women in Africa in 'Veronica' and how far does the author seem to support a change in this lifestyle? This story is based on the way women and men live in Africa. It was based on a girl who later transformed into a woman and a boy named Okeke who became a man later during the story. As a boy Okeke had more choice and freedom than Veronica who was a girl and the oldest in her family. This story helped us to understand the difference between the traditional lifestyle and the modern lifestyle. Okeke, who represented the modern lifestyle had more freedom but with a little bit of regret, as he and Veronica (who represented the traditional lifestyle) were good friends and still remain good friends even after he moved out of the rural area to the urban area. The main features of Veronica's lifestyle were mostly based on her family. As the oldest in her family, she spent most of her time looking after her siblings and her parents. ...read more.


He also had enough money to support himself and his parents, but the only problem he had was that he still have a traditional lifestyle within him. This was because, despite all the education he had and all the money he made, Okeke was not married, as he believed that all the modern women want were touchable materials. Like Veronica he was looking to settle down, on the other hand he found it very hard to find the right woman. 'All the women I meet are only interested in money and cars.' As the oldest in a big family Veronica did not have enough opportunity like she would have wished for. She was not able to attend school because her family was poor and her father spent the little money they made on drink. She did not have opportunity like Okeke who was able to leave the village and move to the city where there was more freedom and where women and men had equal opportunities. Nevertheless she seemed to value her family more than anything else. This made me concluded that traditional lifestyle like this is basically good. ...read more.


Not everyone in rural area lives the way Veronica had lived and not everyone in the urban area lives the way Okeke did. Lagos as the former capital of Nigeria was known as an urban area however comparing some area of the city with village, you would be able to see that they are really similar. The reason for this is because people of rural area manage to look after their belongings so that it can stay longer. In the urban area things are just wasted. Another thing is that urban areas attract more pollution than in the villages where fewer cars are introduced. For women in rural area marriage life depends on their religions. Women from Muslim surroundings have to rely on their families to provide everything they need for their wedding. While Christian surroundings required both male and female's side as equal therefore both sides have to share the expenses for the wedding. This arrangement is not different in the urban area. However sometimes some people from the village were sold as slaves to the urban area just so they can achieve better life from the one they were living with in the area. TOSIN BALOGUN (12MA) ...read more.

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