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What do we mean by business environment?

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Title 2 Business Organisations simply mean a group of people working together as a team in a particular organisation by delivering products, goods and services to customer in exchange of profit. But, these organisation are influenced by many factors within the environment in which they operate and said to be the very dominant force in the shaping and moulding of the organisation.What do we mean by business environment? Business environment is a set of influence, which shapes and moulds an organisation. There are number of factor which shapes and moulds an organisation. In other word, the development and strength of an organisation lies on these seven main influence such as ways of doing thing, rules and regulation, principle and procedures, attitude and behaviour, product and service, framework of an authority and finally the channel of communication. As everyone knows, different people have they own of ways of doing thing because they are not necessary to have the same thought with others and maybe it all depends on some sort of style or tradition, which need to be followed. For an example, a football team has many strategic such as 4-4-2, 4-4-3, 3-5-2 and so on. But, they use different strategic when facing different opponent or maybe changes their strategic when it comes to a certain circumstance e.g. player got sent off or injured, difficulty in defending, urgency to score, etc. ...read more.


Business organisation themselves can boost demand by extending employment and investment, and conversely they can adversely influence the economy when they cut back on investment or retrench workers. For instance, the current state of economy of Argentina will decrease the foreign investment and. As a result, many of their countrymen were unemployed and creating havoc everywhere causing a major setback for the government. Social environment is made up of the attitudes, beliefs, customs and values of people in society. Entrepreneurs must realise that these social factors vary with the different classes of people within a country - the rich and the poor, the educated and the uneducated, the liberal and the conservative, etc. For an example, in India the Indians belief and consider the cow as their mother for providing milk. Therefore, they do not eat beef. But, lately a McDonald outlet in India offers some sort of burger or meal with beef. These turn out to be a disaster for McDonald as many of the citizens got angry and begin to create havoc in the country. McDonalds' outlet in India finally found a solution. They modified and make slight changes in their recipes, beef burger is replaced by fish burger. An excellent moves which paid off when they got an immediate response from the citizen. This show how important is to know the beliefs and customs of a particular country. ...read more.


Rules and regulation is must for an organisation. Without it, everyone will not be bothered to carry out his or her duties and responsibilities in proper way. There are many rules and regulations in an organisation such as attire (e.g. wear modest attire), punctuality (e.g. always meet the dateline), behaviour (e.g. must be polite and coorperate with other colleagues). As an organization, employee management is important to run business systematically. The management is the backbone of an organization thus it needs to be strong to overcome any difficulty. A good management always productive and try their level best to meet their target or objective. Product and service is the most important factors without it business cannot be run. Customers is fussy and choosy, they always want the best product or service. Therefore, organisation must always upgrade their product and service to meet the need of so called customers. The best quality products with reasonable price always attract the customers. Last not the least, facilities and infrastructures which play an important role too in an organisation. Basically, a high class facilities and latest infrastructures simply help both the organisations and the customers to connect each other. Thus, a country with an excellent network of highways and railroads will definitely be attractive to foreign investment to start business there. It is vital to note that business orgnisation interact with the above environmental factors. This means that the influence and impact is not one-sided. ...read more.

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