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What is Consumption?

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Geography Coursework Introduction What is Consumption? Consumption is the spending on food, clothes, CDs, games, holidays, etc - things that get consumed (which means used up). Spending by people on final goods and services for current use. The process of using natural resources, materials, or finished products to satisfy human wants of needs. Consumption affects us all, one way or another. Main Impacts of Consumption The amount is certainly high and can have great impacts in all aspects; * The manufacturer gains a high profit, with high amounts consumption of goods such as games consoles, e.g. X-Box. * With the results, it is visible that large amounts of money must be consumed. * Materials are also used up vastly in the process in making some of these goods. For example, a games console in made out plastic and also packaging for some products, this can be followed by the product life cycle (which shows how the environment is affected): * The higher the consumption rate, the jobs that are created, as there is more demand with more products being purchased, which is a major advantage. ...read more.


It therefore shows that uneven development results in uneven distribution of money etc. But it is important to point out that Uneven Development occurs in the region/country you live in. An example of this could be in graph 1; the banana growers receive hardly any money for the growing the bananas in comparison the price they are sold at. But to tackle this problem many organisations have been set up that promote Fair Trade which is trading which tries to make sure that the people who make the products in developing countries receive a fair price. * There is interdependence between LEDCs and MEDCs because each group of countries offers what the other group wants, and there is a clear need for such trade. Since one depends on each other, the trade between them should be in balance. However, there is a trade surplus for the MEDCs and the LEDCs are in debt (see uneven development). Also because of interdependence, globalisation has been increasing; globalisation is the expansion of global linkages, organization of social life on global scale, and growth of global consciousness. ...read more.


Some reasons for why we should reduce Consumption - Harms the environment, which contributes to global warming, that will take its effect in years to come. - Most packaging of products, results in litter or waste, as some are non-recyclables. - Bad for health, as some foods create obesity, which will lead to future health risks and diseases. How do reduce Consumption without taking great steps * People should know how to incorporate sustainable consumption, and other things related to that, which would lower consumption rates, because sustainable consumption is accurate. * Media- With the media, it is easy to depict the bad things about some industries and how they are unfair, plus how their advertising makes them richer. * More information should be handed out for free to people to make them aware of consequences; many organisations have been set up to do this, but not enough. Plus, commercialisation should be decreased. * Energy issues will soon arise if people for example consume electricity as they are now, so Energy should be particular focused on. * Lastly, personal responsibility should be encouraged for excessive consumption behaviour. ...read more.

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