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What is Deforestation?

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Deforestation Michael Gerry What is Deforestation? Deforestation is the cutting down and destruction of woodland and forestry, causing an increase of pollution in the environment. Deforestation is the result of overgrazing, over-collection of wood and clearance to make room for new roads and farmland. It is the conversion of forested areas to non-forest land for other purposes such as agricultural or urban use. Forest fires are also a major factor and cause for deforestation, and is well recognised as a problem in Australia. Where does Deforestation take place? Deforestation occurs everywhere in the world but the most heavily affected areas are in South America from destroying the Amazon Rainforest, and South East Asia. ...read more.


The main effect of deforestation is that biodiversity is seriously reduced. It is estimated that 50-70% of all biodiversity on the planet is in the rainforests, and they make up only 2% of the biosphere. So by destroying the forest, we are destroying their home and they will die. Some forestry is being destroyed so fast that with the rate we are destroying the forests in South East Asia, we expect it to be completely destroyed by 2010. Plants and trees are our only form of oxygen production, and they are also carbon dioxide consumers. ...read more.


What can we do to resolve these problems? New methods are being discovered every day on how to farm more crops in a smaller area. Hydroponic technology is becoming increasing popular among farmers that can afford it, as their land : yield ratio is far better than in past-times. Forest Management is another method of reducing deforestation, this is basically a control over the amount of wood that is used over a certain period of time, which is designed to slow or even reduce deforestation completely. The final method used is known as Afforestation, which is a government planned set-up where everybody between specific ages must plant a certain number of trees each year, to help replace any trees used for that year. ...read more.

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