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What Is Tourism and how has it changed?

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Holidays to far off places and exotic locations are becoming increasingly popular. Describe the reasons for the growth of such holidays and using an example from a less economically developed country, outline the, physical, cultural and economic impacts of the growth of tourism and suggest what could be done to limit the negative effects of increasing tourism and ensure that such growth is sustainable in such places. What Is Tourism and how has it changed? Tourism is when people go to visit a place they don't go to every day, but they are only classed as tourists if they are there for more than one day other wise they are classed as day traveller. Tourism had changed over the last 50years due to many different factors mainly due to the fact that people earn a lot more than they did fifty years ago. So they spend a lot more money on their holidays and spend more money while on holiday. ...read more.


So Kenya has to invest in land and building materials to build hotels for the tourists to stay. In building these hotels Kenyan companies need to clear areas of forest or jungle which would be destroying the wildlife's habitat so that they become endangered or worse extinct. The main reason people visit Kenya on holiday is mainly because of the wildlife, so if all the wildlife is wiped out people won't come to Kenya, then the tourism economy would collapse. Also tourists leave litter everywhere, though this may bring m ore jobs it is equally harmful to the environment. Holidays in Kenya There are a few countries the world that can offer the tourist such amazing scenery and the wildlife that Kenya can offer. Inland there are mountains, lakes, and grasslands and lots of wildlife. On the coast there are sandy beaches and coral reefs. Tourism has become one of Kenya's largest industries. ...read more.


These improvements should be made without just benefiting people; they should also benefit future generations and the environment as a whole. Conclusion Tourism can be good and bad for a country because it will bring their currency in and it can be used to help the countries economy and improve facilities in the country. Tourism can bring jobs and earn money for countries such as Kenya. However, it can also cause problems for people and wildlife and can harm the environment. Kenya has large variety of scenery and wildlife. Large numbers of overseas tourists are attracted there either on safari or a beach holiday. Sustainable development should lead to an improvement in people's quality of life and standard of living without wasting natural resources or spoiling the environment. This would increase the amount of time that Kenya could support the needs of tourists and its own industry. Holidays abroad are becoming much more popular because it is cheaper to get flights and accommodation in foreign countries because of competitive pricing and different countries needs for tourism, for example, Kenya's economy would collapse if it has no tourists. ...read more.

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