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What physical evidence for Ramsgate’s original late eighteenth and early nineteenth Century Sea – bathing and holiday making activities can you still see around you today?

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Hannah Sawyer 10B6 History coursework 1. What physical evidence for Ramsgate's original late eighteenth and early nineteenth Century Sea - bathing and holiday making activities can you still see around you today? Along Ramsgate seafront there are numerous large houses, which in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century were used as holiday homes for the many rich holidaymakers who were attracted to Ramsgate for a summer break. Examples of these houses are in Nelson's Crescent or Wellington Crescent, which is a crescent shape block of houses that look out over the sea. Houses 13,16 and 18 of Wellington Crescent can be placed in the late eighteenth century and the early nineteenth century because they all have typical architectural features from the Georgian period - pediments above the door, large stone pillars, fanlight windows, fanned brickwork, sash windows, iron railings and verandas or balconies. Fanned brickwork - Sash windows - (Bottom half of window slides up inside top half) Iron d�cor and railings - The occupants of these houses would have sat on the balconies and taken in the beautiful sea view. They would have been fairly rich to afford a holiday home along Wellington Crescent and they would have been delighted at the chance to parade up and down outside their holiday homes to show off their expensive clothes. ...read more.


His diary also tells us that Ramsgate Harbour was not complete when he saw it in 1823 which shows us how much Ramsgate has developed since then. Diaries, especially Charles Powell's diary, are mainly written so that the person can write about different events in their life this means that this diary would tell us about what kind of things upper class holiday makers did to amuse themselves. Trade directories, which would have been used by many people, including people who wanted to know about the kinds of hotels or the things they could do while they are on holiday in Ramsgate, are useful in helping us to understand the development of Ramsgate because they not only just tell us what jobs people did and about certain buildings but they tell us what kind of activities people liked to do at that time that lead to new places or buildings developing - baths and assembly halls developed because bathing was becoming a fashionable activity at that time and many hotels were being developed especially near the harbour to house the many holiday makers coming to Ramsgate in the 18th century. Maps, which were produced for many reasons including ornamental, directional and legal purposes, are very useful in telling us about Ramsgate's development and growth because they tell us about how buildings and landmarks have developed, been taken down or added which means that we can make a guess at why the buildings have developed. ...read more.


(ii) In History it is possible to work out the age of an artefact on the basis of its style. In Ramsgate we can date the buildings in several streets to a high level of accuracy because of their Georgian style of architecture. Again I partly agree with this statement. I agree that it is possible sometimes to work out the age of an artefact on the basis of its architecture and you can date some of the buildings in Ramsgate because they have typical Georgian features but it is always hard to date something to a high level of accuracy. A lot of buildings in Ramsgate can be dated by their Georgian design but in saying that in Ramsgate and many other places there are fake and imitation buildings that have Georgian features. Buildings in Nelson Crescent (built in 1798), Addington St (built in 1791), Wellington Crescent (1819 -1824) and Albian Place (built in c 1789) all have genuine Georgian architecture but houses in Guildford Lawn that were built at the beginning of the Victorian era (1840's) all have typical late Georgian features such as pillars, fan brickwork and sash windows. Modern houses sometimes feature Georgian features for people that want a new house but with old-fashioned features. It is hard to age certain buildings in Ramsgate because extensions have been added or things have been taken away from the original building - making it difficult to age. ...read more.

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