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What solutions are there to the threat of global warming?

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What solutions are there to the threat of global warming? Global warming - caused by burning oil, coal and gas - is the biggest environmental problem we face today. Droughts, floods, storms, melting ice caps, dying coral reefs ... we're already seeing the results. And, if we don't take drastic action, we will pass the 'safe' limits of climate change in just 40 years, allowing our weather to spiral out of control. ...read more.


Similar factors affect the levels of emissions of the other greenhouse gases. Policies for addressing greenhouse gas emissions are being developed through international negotiation - the development of international environmental policy is traced in the following section. A variety of technical options are also available which could reduce emissions, especially from use of energy. Reducing CO2 emissions can be achieved through: * improved energy efficiency, * fuel switching, * use of renewable energy sources, * nuclear power, * capture and storage of CO2. ...read more.


Reductions in emissions of other greenhouse gases can also be achieved using technology. For example, methods of reducing methane emissions include reductions in leakage and capture of fugitive emissions, with destruction or utilisation of the methane. Technical responses to climate change deserve serious consideration as means of limiting greenhouse gas emissions whilst continuing to satisfy human aspirations for improved quality of life. The IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme has investigated many of these technologies and the results of some of its assessments are summarised below. ...read more.

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