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What the current issues are in the next 25 years and what policies should we encourage!

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What the current issues are in the next 25 years and what policies should we encourage! The UK I the next 25 years there will be an influx on the population structure in the UK. At the moment the UK has reached stage 5 in the demographic transition model. The reason for this is because fewer children are being born and the birth rate is now almost identical to the death rate. An average birth rate of at least two children per adult female is needed for a stable population growth. At the moment it is 1.7. This means that 0.3 too few children are being born if we are to keep the population numbers level. There are many reasons for this. They are firstly, more people choosing to stay single (independent), the further emancipation of women giving females the choice of whether to have children or not: or later in life - influencing them to have only one child, and the change in views about lifestyle ie. ...read more.


Problems with our current immigration system have also affected the population demograph of the UK. Many immigrants are unskilled and become dependant upon the state for support in order to survive. They also have an effect on the figures for the total population of the UK as the numbers entering the country are not accurately recorded and therefore figures for the total population of the UK are somewhat inaccurate. There are a number of ways in which the current population problems are being experienced in the UK can be rectified. Selective immigration policies, such as those imposed in Australia, could help ensure that fewer immigrants become a burden on our economy. Unfortunately, the increasing number of senior citizens has already resulted in more support being needed to provide for them: consequently, it would help if a larger proportion of the immigrant population were skilled and therefore help to play their part in supporting all members of their newly chosen society. ...read more.


Furthermore, an improved economy would help to increase everyone's standard of living and greater personal wealth might encourage people to have larger families, as well as enabling them to provide a greater contribution in caring for the elderly. Increasing the retirement age would also help to reduce the number of people dependant upon state pensions and support. Since life expectancy has increased and people remain healthier for longer, this would not be impossibility and, in fact, might well be appreciated by the many able and active elderly people. Hopefully, these policies would create a significant enough change to stabilise the population in the UK as well as boost the economy sufficiently to be able to support our ageing population. Afghanistan After the reign of the Taliban, industrialisation will take place which means that more people will be employed. This encourages people to get an education, which would hopefully allow them to understand about contraception, which should encourage less children. Obviously you cant put a law in place for a one child policy as people in the rural areas, on in minority group wont adhere to it. Printed by Tom Platts 02/05/07 ...read more.

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