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What Will Be the Local and Global Effects of a Continued Failure to Manage the Tropical Rainforest Ecosystem Successfully.

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What Will Be the Local and Global Effects of a Continued Failure to Manage the Tropical Rainforest Ecosystem Successfully To many people living in temperate climates, tropical rain forests are fascinating places, full of mystery and promise, containing some of the most interesting and diverse products nature has to offer. So it would be a disaster if they were to vanish. Once cleared of trees, rain forest topsoil, which can take over a thousand years to accumulate, can be eroded in just one decade. This makes the land unusable, and can in turn lead to disastrous flooding since there is no soil to soak up the rain. But that's not the end of the story. Forest clearance also leaves human forest dwellers without food or shelter, and leads to the disappearance of ways of life, which have existed largely unchanged for thousands of years. However, potentially the most damaging effect of forest clearance is its impact on the planet's climate. We have all heard of the perils of global warming and the greenhouse effect, and it is common knowledge that this is caused mainly be the build-up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Trees and other green plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen through photosynthesis, whereas animals breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. ...read more.


Trends in other parts of Brazil affecting migration to the Amazon include the government-encouraged production of alcohol from sugar cane and, even more importantly, financing the continued replacement of labour-intensive coffee plantations with mechanized soya bean and wheat cultivation. Far more important than the date at which present trends would lead to complete clearing of the region, be it sooner or later, is the designation and protection of areas not to be cleared, and the wise use of areas designated for clearing such that 1) economically and socially sustainable agroecosystems are employed, 2) concentration of income and land tenure is limited, 3) total consumption is limited, and 4) population is maintained below carrying capacity, defined to include an adequate and sufficiently certain standard of living. There are certain management methods, which can be put into practice, which could considerably reduce the rainforest destruction while providing a source of income for the local and global economy. Firstly there is the idea of sustainable development. The goal of sustainable development is to create a balanced economic system where the integrity of an ecosystem is maintained, while the human needs of the present are met without compromising the human needs of the future. ...read more.


Earning money in the ecotourism industry can be a way for rainforests to pay their way within a society that is pressured to exploit non-renewable resources. One of the most dramatic examples of direct environmental benefit of tourism is in the saving of the mountain gorilla from extinction in Rwanda. Tourism is largely responsible for saving the gorillas of Rwanda from extinction. The gorilla was threatened both by poachers and by farmers whose land-clearing practices were destroying the gorillas' natural habitat. Rwanda's Parc des Volcans, has become an international attraction and the third largest source of foreign exchange for Rwanda. Revenues from the $170-a-day fee that visitors pay to enter the park have allowed the government to create anti poaching patrols and employ local farmers as park guides and guards. But even this success is in danger from the civil war that is encroaching and endangering both the forest and tourist industry. It the management of the tropical rainforest ecosystem is continued at its current status, then it will inevitably lead to bad consequences and even though there are still vast amounts of forest left, there will be increased pressure on resources and land. The tropical rainforest, with proper management and control, can be utilised for both local people and on an international level. If it is left to diminish, the way it is being left now, the consequences will be very undesirable. ...read more.

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