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Where do residents from the surrounding villages of Preston go to do daily shopping and tasks?

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Village Fieldwork Identifying The Question Where do residents from the surrounding villages of Preston go to do daily shopping and tasks? Developing A Strategy I aim to discover what services are in each village, and how residents of the villages use the services. I intend to find out the population of each village, in the same year. I will also look at the quality of the streets, houses and public services in each of the villages and rate them accordingly. Data Collection I will use several methods to collect data around the villages that surround Preston. These are things such as land use maps, questionnaires, street/ house appearance recording sheets and a functions recording sheet, which will tell the function of each building in every one of the villages. ...read more.


I will use questionnaires and secondary research skills to discover the population of each of the villages. The results are as follows: Village Population in 1991 Longridge 7,950 Whalley 6,320 Goosnargh 3,005 Grimsargh 1,980 Chipping 1,945 Hurst Green 245 Inglewhite 95 To discover the quality of the streets and houses in the several different villages, I am going to use questionnaires and street quality recording sheets to record the quality of all the buildings in the village. I predict that the small the village the better the quality of the building. This is because the smallest village in the surrounding area of Preston has won best-kept village of the year in 1998 and 1999. ...read more.


For example Longridge is the larges village settlement and it has the most services because it has to supply all the surrounding villages' populations' in addition to its own. Finally I discovered that the older smaller villages, for example Inglewhite, have better quality housing and public areas. I think that this is so because; they have more money to spend on maintaining properties and a smaller population, where as the larger villages such as, Longridge have a greater population, with more buildings, and therefore have less money to spend on them. However Chipping is the 5th largest village in the area surrounding Preston, but a great deal of money is sent on maintaining the properties in this villages because it is a tourist village on the edge of the Trough of Bowland. Conclusion Emma McIntyre 12Y Village Fieldwork ...read more.

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