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Where in the World

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Where in the World To find out how economically developed a country is you can use a number of different statistics called development indicators. These indicators vary to show the countries progression in different areas. Calories/person/day is one example for a development indicator. This is based on the average calorie consumption of the country's people per day. It is fairly good at indicating whether a country is an LEDC or an MEDC. An MEDC usually has a higher calorie intake than an LEDC. For example, in 1983 Ghana had only 1, 573 calories/person/day, only 68% of their daily requirement. This compared to Ireland which had an astonishing 4, 054 calories/person/day, 162% of their daily requirement. The figures however are only averages, some of the people in Ghana would have enough to eat, and some people in Ireland would not have enough. This shows that under nourishment and over consumption is much worse than the figures suggest. Another development indicator is life expectancy. This shows how developed a country's health care is and shows its general way of living. An LEDC has a very low life expectancy; this could be due to lack of medical advancements, poor diet, poor living conditions or epidemic of incurable diseases. ...read more.


3335 2735 2727 2523 2075 2750 3317 3561 3179 2278 Literacy % 49 99 70 77 75 96 99 97 99 27 Urban Population % 44 76 28 95 25 90 89 67 85 25 Patients / Doctor 1300 420 1000 600 10000 500 300 211 400 20000 Life Expectancy (M/F) 60/63 73/80 69/73 72/77 59/63 69/76 73/79 73/80 74/80 40/48 The USA data shows us that they are using contraceptives. They have a good health service and low risk of disease. The people have enough money to afford a good education and a good lifestyle. There is a low patient/doctor ratio so treatment is readily available. Overall the life expectancy is high. Meaning The USA is an MEDC, therefore above the line. The Mali data shows us that the conditions are extremely bad. Every development indicator firmly places Mali on the South of the Brandt line. There is a very high infant mortality rate and people have more children to compensate for the losses. There is doubtable any contraception so sexually transmitted diseases would be excessive. The country as a whole is very poor, at only 300 $ per person. ...read more.


The GDP per capita is $100. The infant mortality ratio is very high at 124.57deaths/1,000 births. The life expectancy for males is 39.22 years and for female its 41.73 years. Ethiopia may be facing a serious over-population in the near future. The supplies in the country aren't even substantial for the current population. If it continues to increase then they may be facing an even larger crisis. This problem could be made worse because of global warming. The droughts will increase and crops will not grow. The Western nation of Sweden is a highly developed and industrialized country. It has big name makes such as Volvo and Astra. Sweden is respected because of its previous inventions and relies partially on exportation. The GDP per capita is $13,990 and the country as a whole is worth $159 billion. A large chunk of its wealth is from exportation. The birth rate is relatively low at 14.1 per 1000 as well as infant mortality at 5 per 1000. The life expectancy is 78.2 years. Sweden could face an under-population problem in the near future. This is because the birth rates are falling to equal the death rates. This could result in a shortage of police men/women, doctors etc. 1256 ...read more.

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