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Whether Aberystwyth Fits Mann’S Model

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Whether Aberystwyth fits Mann's Model Hypothesis one tested whether Aberystwyth fits Mann's Model. The graph showing Mann's model shows that the model does fit Aberystwyth with Retail being mainly in the CBD and low cost housing surrounding (see map) However some anomalies appeared showing high or middle class housing in the CBD this showed that there must have been some redevelopment within the area because young buildings were built. But there is some retail in the North transect showing new development of industrial warehouse sales. Aberystwyth does not seem to have an entertainment centre or a heavy industry zone in the East and Southeast transects. ...read more.


Hypothesis three, which shows a complete correlation with the theory graph (see appendix two) shows that Aberyswth, has a decrease in height as you leave the CBD. This is due to the expansion of the town were as the years go by the town slowly increase and the people need to be accommodated for. Houses are mainly found out in this region but there is constantly new development, which means newer housing on the outskirts. Conclusion The Information gathered and tested within the investigation has shown that Aberystwyth does fit Mann's model even though there are some anomalies this shows that services change as you leave the CBD. ...read more.


Human error would affect this as each person gave a different opinion about each building as well as the fact that some of the older houses had new windows fitted. If I were able to further the investigation on a whole I would be more concise in the way recording the data and analysing it. I would repeat the investigation again later in the year as their was some development taking place whilst I was there. I would also test more hypothesis like * Functions are regularly spread out in the CBD. * Pedestrian flow is greater in the CBD. I would test the new hypothesis as they look like they could create some interesting results because the results would give a better correlation, which would relate to Aberystwyth. ...read more.

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