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Which Is Better, Now Or Four Decades Ago.

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Which Is Better, Now Or Four Decades Ago By Rob Corley The changes that have taken place in just one generation are almost unbelievable this is the topic of year 7 children of Thomlinson middle school, Rothbury; in order to carry out this investigation they interviewed their parents and each other. One of the biggest changes is the improvement in technology, so much has changed and so have the people today in comparison with people four decades ago. While we have mobile phones and sky TV they did not even have AC (alternating current) electricity so even if they had things like TVs and automatic washing machines they would not have the right current to run them. ...read more.


Corley said, "I lead a simple life and did not have the need for the things that children have today." Entertainment like toy solders and air-fix modules are replaced by more modern things like games consoles and computers, and do not find the need for things like these any more for they find more interest in things like mobile phones, computers and music CDs, mobile phones were not even thought of in four decades ago, it was very rare even to just have phone in the house Mrs. Hoil said, " we were the only people in the village to have our very own phone. ...read more.


Population has rapidly increased in this country in fact it has doubled since 1950 from 16 million to 32 million this is mainly because the medical care has improved and also hygiene within the home. As you can see so much has changed over this period of time from our life styles to technology to population growth and money increase well the two cases still remains because most of the parents say that it has not changed for the better and they would not like to be in the childhood of today and the children say it would be a boring and uncomfortable lifestyle to live. ...read more.

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