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Why have many traditional seaside resorts declined in the last 30 years

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Essay Question Thursday 27th September 2007 A) Why have traditional seaside resorts in many MEDC's declined in the last 30 years? (20marks) B) Using examples, examine attempts by governments and other bodies to reverse the tourism decline in these areas (25marks) A) The definition of a seaside resort is a town or city situated by the sea that people visit for pleasure. Before discussing why many seaside resorts in MEDC's have declined it is very important to remember that there our still some seaside resorts that are still successful. An example of this within the UK is Brighton, this is a seaside resort that attracts over eight million people nowadays and in the 1840s was the most popular tourist attraction in the world. This was caused by many different effects with the major one being the Prince Regent building a holiday home within the town. Nowadays many seaside resorts are declining or for some vanishing due to many causes that I will describe below. One of the key problems is that nowadays the way people within MEDS's live is very different to how it was 30 years ago. ...read more.


An example of people with more leisure time is retired people. The numbers of people retired has gone from 5 million in 1951 to 10 million in 2001. Many of these people travel throughout the year and want to experience new places not just the seaside resort they visited as a child. A final reason which may be most important is the unpredictable weather which the UK suffers from. When people book their fortnight away they want to have security that it won't be a holiday spent inside hiding from the rain. With the UK's very fickle climate people tend not to holiday there as much as they once did as they cannot be sure they will get the week of sunshine they want. Due to this people boo a holiday away in the Med where they can have more security with the climate they'll experience. B) Within the UK many destinations that were once budding tourist resorts have now started to stagnate or even decline, examples of this are Western Super mare, Plymouth and Skegness. This is due to many reasons such as a larger disposable income, package holidays, budget airlines and longer periods of leisure time. ...read more.


If private funding comes be it from a sports company building a leisure centre or a chain of restaurants building a branch it will cause more people to visit the place and hopefully use the other services the place has to offer e.g. the shop on the way home for a pint of milk etc. if people do this they put money into the local economy which over time raises the socio-economic status of the place. A prime example of a place that has incorporated both of the above and that is still succeeding as a seaside resort is Brighton. This is a seaside resort that attracts over one million people nowadays and in the 1840s was the most popular tourist attraction in the world. Nowadays Brighton is a city that attracts a large amount of foreign tourists (one of the top 10 foreign tourist resorts in UK) with 10,000 foreign students studying in the city each year. Out of the 8 million that visit for some reason or another 5.3 million are genuine tourists. Over 200,000 also come to the city for conferences which alone brings �60 million per annum. Overall Brighton takes �350 million per year. ?? ?? ?? ?? Adam M Jones Upper Sixth Geography ...read more.

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