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Why is the North Sea Known as the Cesspit of Europe?

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TITLE PAGE (Delete this and the title page after all the checking please) Why is the North Sea Known as the Cesspit of Europe? An enquiry of the pollution in the North Sea Year 8 Moshe Shen 5th December 2002 TABLE OF CONTENT TITLE PAGE 1 TABLE OF CONTENT 2 I. INTRODUCTION 3 II. PROBLEMS, CAUSES AND EFFECTS 5 Sewage dumping 5 Industry 6 Agriculture run-off 7 Atmospheric pollution 7 Over fishing 7 III. FUTURE OPTOINS FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF THE NORTH SEA 8 IV. CONCLUSION 10 V. EVALUATION 12 VI: BIBLIOGRAPHY 13 Books 13 Internet 13 CD-ROM 13 I. INTRODUCTION Since the first warning of the increasing pollution in the North Sea by scientists and environmentalists in 1967, three and half decades have past. Has the Pollution in the North Sea been improved since then, or even worse? Obviously the conditions are getting worse as the North Sea is known as the cesspit of Europe. As the North Sea is invaluable in both its beauty and wealth, not only to people living around but also to the whole Europe, an important enquiry on the pollution in the North Sea has been done. In order to assess each aspect of the big issue, the mini enquiry questions have been arisen before starting the investigation. 1. What countries give out the pollution into the North Sea? 2. What are the causes of pollution in the North Sea? 3. What groups of people are responsible for the pollution? 4. Who or what are affected? 5. What events happened in the past, have polluted the North Sea? 6. Why oil tankers are still allowed? 7. Why is it important to prevent pollution? ...read more.


Pesticides are poisonous, which will kill sea animals. The chemicals can reach the river and sea by heavy rain. The fertiliser will find its way from underground flowing into the river and reaching to the sea eventually. The chemicals (undiluted farm slurry) are actually 100 times more polluting than raw sewage, and silage effluent is 200 times more polluting. Although agriculture run-off comes indirectly into the North Sea, it is still taking a big part in the pollution. Atmospheric pollution The very bad atmospheric pollution makes the North Sea pollution even worse. According to a statistic research, air pollution is account for 33% of the North Sea pollution. Air pollutants eventually are blown into the sea. The more atmospheric pollution we make on land, the more the sea is affected. Both radioactive fallout and acid rain also belong to this category. Acid rain is formed by sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, which are released into the air by burning fossil fuels and car exhaust fumes. The bad stuffs build up in the sea leading to a great threat to the marine animal. The radioactive materials can enter food chain and cause disease in marine life and eventually the bad items will pass to human by eating the seafood. Over fishing Though over fishing is not the category of pollution, it is surely a great threat for marine life cycle. An investigation has shown that industrial fishing in Denmark is account for 50% of the declining catch from the North Sea each year. A report from the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAD) suggests that all the world's major fishing grounds are now at, or beyond their biological limits. ...read more.


V. EVALUATION I think I have done well in planning, organization, and writing up in this project. I have searched a lot of websites to try to find more information on the North Sea pollution. I think I did a good job in summary it up in the conclusion section too. Next time, I would improve the part of researching multimedia. I haven't found much graphs, charts, and maps to go along with my project. In the next project, I would like to expend my research area more so that I can find all the information I need. I have found the subject matter of North Sea pollution enquiry quite interesting because world pollution take a big part in our lives today and human being should learn how to care the Earth. I like this style of learning, where we have the freedom to research on our own, because it encourages us to learn independently and to search the information ourselves. In this project, I have learnt about how serious sea pollution can be and what factors are causing it to happen. I had not even heard of sea pollution before and I did learn a lot in this enquiry. Another thing I learnt is how to plan and organize an enquiry, and how to ask mini questions before starting a research. Also, I have learnt how to search in a variety of sources, including the Internet, books, encyclopaedias, and leaflets. I think I have obtained National Curriculum Level 6 because I have included enough detail about the pollution situation and used a range of skills and sources to help me. I did not have enough graphs and tables. I have put in few geographical vocabularies into the project. My mini-questions are relevant to the main enquiry question and were raised sensibly. ...read more.

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