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With Reference to a county or countries that you have studied, why have some parts of the LEDW rapidly industrialized in the last 30 years?

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With Reference to a county or countries that you have studied, why have some parts of the LEDW rapidly industrialized in the last 30 years? I have studied the NICs( Newly Industrialized Countries), which are LEDCs in East Asia which began industrialization as the UK began suffering in deindustrialization , they were first developed in the 1960's/1970's when the "Asian Tigers" were formed, e.g. Singapore, Hong Kong. In the 1990's the "Asian Tiger Cubs" began to become industrialized, such places as Vietnam, Thailand. It is said that China is the "leading economic power house" of the 21st century, suggesting that much more manufacturing was increasing in the LEDCs. Since the 1970's the map of the worlds economy has changed from the LEDCs owning 10%, to 30% in 2005. This shows the rapid industrialization in parts of the LEDW, taking over from the MEDW, which formally were the highlight of industry. ...read more.


Malaysia is a good example of a NICs I have studied, it is a Tiger Cub, where such primary industry as mining and agriculture has decreased to make way for secondary and tertiary activity such as manufacturing and construction. Also an international Airport and a great road Network across the country has been invested in and developed to make trade with other countries easier, and also make the country more accessible due to it being on the Eastern Coast of Asia, away from the MEDW of the western world. Most of the East Asian countries are on coastal boarders making it easy to trade with the rest of the world as products can be shipped back n fourth, as each main country has a port. Even though the economy of the NICs is improving rapidly by 5-15% each year, it is still not reliable, which makes the exchange rate very cheap for MEDCs to trade with these countries, and gain a great profit. ...read more.


The increase in the wealth of the NICs has helped develop the countries economically, socially and physically. Due to the development of big multinational companies they have received heavy foreign investments from businesses with high expectations of the country's future. From this the Governments have invested greatly in improving the social side of the country, by developing public services such as hospital facilities to improve the countries health and decrease the number of easily spread able diseases and also schools to improve the educations of the countries future workers. Also the improvements in health care have also introduced better education in family planning to decrease the over crowding of the main cities, and decrease the urban sprawl of urban primacy. Also due to there only being urban development in small area's of the country, there is lots of opportunity and free space to develop large factories and Road Networks, creating the perfect industrial estate, as the land is cheap and also most of the regions flat. Agnes Hallgren 6/2/2004 ...read more.

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