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With reference to one or more examples, evaluate the success of redevelopment of urban centres in response to recent trends in retailing.

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´╗┐With reference to one or more examples, evaluate the success of redevelopment of urban centres in response to recent trends in retailing. Redevelopment is the process of improving cleared or undeveloped land, including construction of buildings and other facilities by public or private developers. Recent retail trends have had many negative impacts to urban centres in the past; whether it is from out-of-town retail or CBD decline, but some manage to flourish alongside, mainly due to management such as redevelopment keeping it alive. My main example for this, is Reading, a large town located in south-west England, on the M4. ...read more.


It was then decided this was not enough – and in 1997, the decision was made to, through the process of redevelopment, create an in-door shopping centre in the centre of Reading, namely the Oracle. It opened in 1999, on a derelict brownfield site. It was 0.9km squared, and cost £200 million. It was relatively successful – the total retail offer in Reading was increased by a third, with around 90 shops.. It did change the trend in retailing – the catchment grew to 1.7 million people, more than that of its out-of-town competition, and attracted 22 million customers in 2001. ...read more.


All these schemes have had a large measure of success ? Reading is now rated as the best centre for shopping in Southern England, outside of central London. So, the centre of Reading has experienced redevelopment in terms of Pedestrianisation, the building of a large in-door shopping centre, with alongside attractions, all resulting in a much larger catchment, now spanning 1.7m people, and attracts over 20 million customers a year, placing it so high in rankings, it is rated the best in Southern England, which is a successful counter to recent retailing trends, and the centre is still thriving. ...read more.

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