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Without Clement Scott, Cromer Would Never had Developed into a Popular Seaside Resort by 1914. - Do you Agree With This Statement?

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Amy Copping 11RCZ "Without Clement Scott, Cromer Would Never had Developed into a Popular Seaside Resort by 1914." Do you Agree With This Statement? The statement in the question is very definate and does not allow for the fact that there may have been other factors that helped Cromer to develop. It is basically saying that it was completely down to Clement Scott that this happened. However, I think that there were other factors which contributed equally if not more than Scott. Between the 1870s when Kelly's Directory described Cromer as a "fashionable bathing place" and 1908 when it was already being described as a "seaside resort and bathing place" many things happened to affect the development of Cromer. One of these things was the publishing of Clement Scott's 'Poppyland Papers' in 1886. Before Clement Scott changed Cromer, people visited the town to bathe for their health and pleasure. It was widely known as a respectable watering place. However, none of this impressed Scott, as he had decided in 1883 when he first visited that he did not like Cromer, but was enthralled with an area nearby which he named 'Poppyland'. ...read more.


When the numbers of people travelling to Cromer continued to increase there was severe need for more accommodation and then entertainment for them. This led to much development of Cromer. If the lower class had not been able to reach Cromer then there would have been no need for so much development, not as many boarding houses, not as many bathing machines, and no lower class entertainment such as coin slot machines, tea rooms and band stands. Cromer would have only needed to accommodate the upper class and therefore would have not needed to develop the things the lower class required until the coast was easily accessible and visited by them. The railways were so important that Cromer would not have developed into a seaside resort even with the help of Clement Scott because it was the lower class who made Cromer their holiday destination and the fashionable gentry who made it a watering place. With the railways more people could go on holidays and the lower class were already visiting Cromer; Cromer was already developing the things it would need to become a seaside resort, without the help of the 'Poppyland Papers'. ...read more.


Russell in 1740, the idea that sea water could be very beneficial for your health, providing the same health giving properties as mineral water. This meant that Cromer could move slightly away from the fishing and coal trades and could start to cash in on the new medical ideas. It allowed the fashionable gentry to discover Cromer's beautiful beach and first begin to visit, spreading news of its fine lobsters and entertaining fishermen around the upper class families. This was significant because it gave Cromer a reputation that attracted attention for it so that when people started to swim for pleasure as well as for health, as Mrs. Harmer did before 1914, Cromer already had a following. After taking into account all these factors in the development of Cromer into a seaside resort, as well as taking into consideration Clement Scott's contribution, I feel that the most important factor was the arrival of the railways. Although the 'Poppyland Papers' provided lots of publicity for Cromer, tickets sales proved that Cromer was already developing into a resort before the Papers were published, and Poppyland was simply used as a boost for the number of people visiting Cromer each year. ...read more.

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