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World Development - what is needed and what can I do?

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A/S World Development Assignment 1 To Create Lasting Change 1. What does everyone want and need? Everyone wants to be treated equally and everyone needs the same basic requirements, food, clean water, sanitation, shelter, clothing, fuel, healthcare and love and support from family, friends and people in their community. Everyone needs to feel that they are needed and that they are a part of the society in which they live.   They also want an education, a sufficient income, to live in a democracy and for their voices to be heard. They want to live in a healthy and safe environment. 2. What prevents them from having it? Their government�s can prevent the poor people in third world countries getting aid, as any money which is sent to the country hardly ever gets to them because the government who are already wealthy enough, just take it from them, for themselves, and for buying weapons. Third world developing countries miss out on eating some foods from their own countries because Western countries are prepared to pay a higher price for their food; this is damaging to everyone�s world for example pollution and also the use of the poor people for cheap labour. ...read more.


By targeting aid through reputable charities such as Oxfam, the British Red Cross and Action Aid hopefully the money will really get to the people who need it, helping them to help themselves. All countries should feed their own people with locally produced food, only exporting any surplus. We should all try to live in an environmentally friendly and less wasteful way, we can do this by recycling products such as cardboard, paper, plastic, tin, glass, clothing, furniture and anything we no longer need which could be useful to others. Reducing CO2 emissions is everyone?s responsibility, only using cars for essential journeys, car sharing, use of public transport where possible, limiting air travel and making our homes as environmentally sound as possible, for example by using insulation and low energy light bulbs. Using household appliances which use the least electricity, water etc. Governments should invest more in renewable energy such as wind and water power. ?How am I going to live today in order to create the world I wish to see tomorrow?? I am going to live today in order to create the world I wish to see tomorrow by appreciating the very good life that I have and by not wasting any of the precious resources which are available to me. ...read more.


I will take unwanted items into charity shops so they can be recycled rather than thrown away, this will help to raise money for the charities and for people to buy good quality clothing at a cheap price; I can also buy things from charity shops, and by giving to charity for example giving money to a charity street collector. I will also help charity by buying cards for example Christmas cards from Oxfam. Buying ethical gifts such as a goat for a tribe in Africa, and paying towards a child�s education abroad. I will also recycle cardboard, paper, plastic, tin, glass, clothing and furniture that I no longer need which could be useful to others. I also hope to become more knowledgeable about politics so I can vote and vote for the people who will really help the world. I also hope to watch the news more regularly to keep me up to date with what is happening in the world around me. I hope that everyone will do their best for charities and in turn the world to make the world a better place to live in for future generations. We have all got to play a part but if we all work together perhaps we can make a difference.   ...read more.

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