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World's population issue today.

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David Cheban Biology, Section 104 Dr. Preston November 05,2003 World's population issue today According to Werner Fornos one of the biggest global issues in our time frame is the population growth and declining natural resources. The population is in a severe situation in some parts of the world. It is not the case in the United States, where comparing to other countries the population growth rate is much lower. Although in US the mortality rate is not high the population is not growing rapidly. One of the reasons is because it uses all kinds of contraceptive devises and fewer children are being produced. In today's world there are 6.2 billion people and the global growth rate is still in its exponential phase. The growth rate is higher in the underdeveloped countries, for example Bangladesh, where the population is very dense. As the population increases, the use of natural resources increases also. Because all the resources are limited or have an end in the process, some people are concerned about the conservation of the natural resources. ...read more.


Eradiation of illiteracy 2. Paid employment opportunity for women 3. Reduction of infant mortality 4. Increased male responsibility 5. Universal access to family planning Indeed the population growth rate is incredibly high in some parts of the world. If we are looking only at the United States, it may not seem too bad, considering it an independent country. However, most or all of the countries are interdependent, it is going to affect the entire world. People may not be aware of the consequences of the high population growth, especially in the developing or poor countries. In some countries this may be done intentionally and in other countries may be done unintentionally, it varies country to country and from culture to culture. It is not a easy process to slow down or to stop for several reasons: 1. One of the biggest reasons is the religion, which says that people should multiply and fill up the earth. It is the strongest opponent of today's issue. Usually people stick to their believes and do not give up on it. ...read more.


Also, developing countries have a problem trying to feed their large number of people, but the developed countries are in troubles because they are using most of the earth's resources. Therefore, either one is going to face the real problem sooner or later. On the other hand, I think that people who do not have children or only one, lived their lives insane. It does not make any sense for a person to come to this earth and to live its life without leaving anybody behind By looking at all these issues today we can conclude that something is going to happen on this planet which is inevitable. Although the solutions that people come up with seem to work, they are very expensive and benefit only some people. For example, buying a car that is not going to pollute the air, it will be a lot more expensive than the regular gasoline cars, and because the people that live in this time frame are more concerned in saving money than in protecting the environment. Not that I wish this planet any hard time or I am against conservation, but because this is the way things are going on now. Cheban 1 ...read more.

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