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‘A Healthy and balanced diet in childhood can help to prevent ill health in later life’.

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'A Healthy and balanced diet in childhood can help to prevent ill health in later life' There is such a broad band of health promotion in my current work-placement. It is hard to decide what areas should be prioritised within health - promoting. One of the main topics, considered a national health concern, would have to be diet in children. Portrush Primary is a town school and the majority of the pupils live in the surroundings of the town of Portrush. In Portrush Primary a 'health - promoting' ethos is encouraged by building on good relationships, sharing responsibility and partnership, promoting self-esteem and reducing stress for pupils and staff alike. Health Education is reinforced within the wider school environment where all aspects of school life are complementary to the positive health messages promoted in the classroom. In Portrush Primary their aim is to: * Achieve an environment, which promotes the health and well being of all staff and pupils. * Provide a coherent health education curriculum, which complies with statutory requirements and is accessible to all pupils. * Ensure that all aspects of school life are complementary to the positive health messages promoted in the classroom. * Encourage the active involvement of parents, community and health service agencies and the wide community to advise, support and contribute to the promotion of good health. ...read more.


Of the 694 children studied, one in three girls aged 11 was overweight and more than one in eight was obese. Twenty per cent of boys of the same age were overweight and 20 per cent obese. Poor diet and sedentary lifestyles were blamed. May 2001 In May 1998 The Healthy Schools Programme was set up, as a joint initiative between the Department of Health and the Department for Education and Skills. It consists of a series of programmes developed from proposals in the Excellence in Schools and Saving Lives: Our Healthier Nation White Papers. It aims: * To make children, teachers, parents, governors and the wider community more aware of the opportunities that exist in schools for improving health. * To support personal, social and health education in schools and address issues of emotional health and well - being. The initiative consists of a package of proposals to improve the health of children in schools. Below is just one of the pilot projects: 'Cooking for Kids' Cooking for Kids is a pilot project to promote healthy eating. It involves partnerships between the Department of Health, the Royal Society of Arts (Focus on Foods Campaign), the Food Foundation and the National Association of Teachers of Home Economics. The aims of the project are to extend the role of schools in teaching young people practical ways of keeping healthy through cooking and enjoying food, which build on the requirements of the National Curriculum. ...read more.


On the other hand, in this school where canteen and classroom activities go hand in hand shows pupils that it is committed to promoting good health through good nutrition. The canteen on my work - placement sells different drinks but all are non-fizzy. For example, fruit juice, apple juice, flavoured water and milk are all available at a suitable price. Tap water is an alternative drink, which is free. The menu is varied. It consists of sausage rolls, creamed potatoes, chicken curry, stew, chicken pie, sweet and sour pork etc. The school meals change daily. Chips are only available to the children, 3 days a week. During my block week I stayed in the canteen to see whether a large number of the children ate chips but this was not the case. I was extremely surprised to see out of 40 children only 4 had chips on a particular day. The following day the number increased but, still, I was surprised as only 9 out of 47 pupils had chips. I will include a sample of the lunchtime menu at the back of my assignment. All together I was extremely impressed with the menu. The tuck shop has been closed in Portrush Primary since when I attended. I was quite shocked at this but I was informed children were starting to buy not one bag of crisps but three. Now in Portrush Primary there is a Fruit Shop, which provides the children with apples, bananas, pears, yogurts, sandwiches etc. ...read more.

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