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AS and A Level: Healthcare

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  1. Playwork Placement. Incident diary and reflections.

    Friday 24th July At lunchtime a child approached me to tell me that somebody had put 3 toy cars down the toilet and tried to flush them with no success causing the toilet to be blocked along with tissue and urine, so I go to investigate. Some children are building a tower with wooden blocks, they have made their structure quite large and have extended it, the only problem is that they have started to build their structure directly in front of the fire exit, which is hazardous, so I have to intervene politely and ask them to move the

    • Word count: 2026
  2. How to give support to a service user by taking and recording of pulse and temperature.

    * It can also find out why that individual might be feeling dizzy or having chest pains or sometimes short of breath. * To check how the blood is flowing after having an injury or if their blood vessel is blocked. * It can help check the medicines the care workers are giving to the service user and wether if it is the cause of slow heart rate. Ther might be people who will be recommended to check their pulse everyday in the morning if they are taking any medication such as digoxin.

    • Word count: 3487
  3. Promoting The Rights And Responsibilities Of Service Users In Care Settings

    However sometimes 'closed' questions are needed to gain basic information such as an individuals' age, name and marital status. Leading, (otherwise known as biased) questions should be avoided, as they encourage the listener to give the response they think is expected, such as 'all of the staff has been very nice to you, haven't they?' Using multiple questions should also be avoided, as they can confuse the listener, it is better to ask one question at a time and wait for a response before asking another. * Effective non-verbal communication involves using eye contact (so long as it is not over done), facial expressions, such as smiling to convey kindness and leaning forward slightly to show interest in what the other is saying.

    • Word count: 2263
  4. The prevalence of HIV and AIDS in the developing and third world, and how antiretrovirals are helping to reduce mortality rates

    The prevalence of many South America countries is often sidelined in favour of more apparent HIV and AIDS crises, however, given the level of poverty The pandemic status of HIV and AIDS has become more and more isolated as Westernised medicine led the way in clinical research and preventative measures, developed countries have, as a result of this, benefited exponentially, whereas developing countries have become heavily reliant on the aid of high-income countries. Throughout the world the death toll, per year, has been increasing rapidly since the onset of HIV and later stage AIDS and is currently responsible for 1.8 million deaths worldwide per year, which roughly equates to 13 deaths every minute.

    • Word count: 2441
  5. Prepare materials, giving a comprehensive account, to show how care workers behaviour could reflect their own views and prejudice when providing care for Sanjit and Manjella. Consider the prejudices and the effects of prejudice

    north of England, Sanjit is from a different country, and his culture might be a bit different to other professionals in the hospital's culture, he should be exactly treated the way other patients are treated, however last year he visited his doctor for normal regular check ups, and the attitude he was getting from his doctor was not right, the doctor did not check him the right way he should have been treated, because of this the doctor was disciplines, and he had caused more health problems to Sanjit.

    • Word count: 1647
  6. promote a safe working environment

    The only reason they are able to leave their room is when they need the toilet or in need of fresh air. They have to make sure there are no unusual odours and make sure that their room is clean every single day. This care is needed for the room has well because if service user is kept in a dirty room he has no chance of getting better as there will still be germs and bacteria spreading around him whom no one is able to see.

    • Word count: 2206
  7. Theory of One to One interaction - my interaction with a patient.

    This shows her that I am the to support her and help her when she needs it. I did not have her permission to do so but I took the assumption that she needed help, as she cannot walk by herself. Tone Of Voice The tone of voice a carer uses/has sends messages of how we are feeling. If a carer talks in a loud voice with a fixed tone it may send the message that he or she is angry.

    • Word count: 819
  8. How service users can help prevent diseases spreading

    * Eat non-cooked foods, such as salads, which have been contaminated by being handled by an infectious person. * Eat shellfish from contaminated waters. * Drink contaminated water. Hepatitis A is typically spread through contact with infected faeces. You can get infected through close contact with an infected person, even if that person does not have any symptoms. In fact, hepatitis A is most contagious before symptoms appear. You can also get infected by eating contaminated food or drinking contaminated water. The virus can live on hands, in water and in soil. Hepatitis A is common in developing countries.

    • Word count: 1746
  9. Promoting The Rights And Responsibilities Of Service Users In Care Settings

    There are some principles for the care worker to follow: 1. To take on board the needs and the condition of the service user gaining the information 2. Give up to date information 3. Get primary evidence for the information requested for the service user 4. When there is a time where there is need for anexpert, the care worker should call a specialist 5. There are different rules around the country so the information has to be accepted in the area 6.

    • Word count: 2611
  10. Promoting The Rights And Responsibilities Of Service Users In Care Settings. Explain 3 rights of service users in Queensland. Choose 3 from:

    This includes body language. * Help service users with their needs. Service users must not be judged because of this. * Care workers should try to encourage service users with complaints procedures Care values The care value base is a set of rules and guidelines that every case worker has to follow in order to provide services to their service user. The seven principles are: 1. Promoting anti-discriminatory practice 2. Maintaining confidentiality of information 3. Promoting and supporting individual's right to dignity, independence, choice and safety 4. Acknowledging people's personal beliefs and identities 5.

    • Word count: 1904
  11. Explain in details the origin of discrimination. Include: Historical perspectives, e.g. oppression , Development of prejudice and discrimination

    All that mattered to them was if they were doing their job properly or not. However there were many slaves who drowned themselves while sailing to get their selves away from all the slave misery that took place. Although there are few countries that still have unacceptable level of aggression, there are majority of the countries who now know the importance of human life which they have realized. They punish those who abusive or oppress people for any reason whatsoever. Oppression levels can even go extremely high as beating that person to death without any mercy.

    • Word count: 1617
  12. Macro and micro nutrients in a healthy diet.

    in blood and body fluids * Homeostasis * Production of enzymes, hormones and antibodies * To protect the body cells from wear and tear and injury * Growth mainly babies and children and thought pregnancy Vegetarians need protein but cannot have animal products like meat and fish will need to get protein from plant sources this can be by cereals, peas and nut etc. to get enough protein Animal proteins are found in meat and fish Plant proteins are found in beans, peas, nuts etc.

    • Word count: 1695
  13. Free essay

    Record keeping at Greyfriers nursing home. Prepare materials to provide a comprehensive account of the main content of each of the following piece of legislation that affect Greyfriers nursing home.

    Care workers who have service users records should make sure they keep the information safe as possible. Data Protection Act has eight principals: * Should be processed fairly and lawfully. * Obtained for particular and lawful purposes- * Enough, relevant and not excessive. * Accurate and up to date. * Not kept any longer than necessary. * Processed in agreement with the data subject's rights.

    • Word count: 1290
  14. When looking at my fitness and nutritional habits I have found I, do have some good practices. Regarding my fitness habits, I try to stay fit by attending Karate classes, twice a week, and either running or hiking at one of the local parks.

    Other associated health risks of obesity include diabetes, gallstones, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, and several cancers" (Donatelle, 2010, p. 282). Even though I do have some good nutritional habits, there are always ways to improve those habits. Three new habits I have chosen to incorporate into my lifestyle are eating breakfast every morning, reducing my sodium (salt) intake, and adding fish to my diet one to two times a week. . I often skip breakfast even though I fix breakfast for my son every morning.

    • Word count: 934
  15. Steve's Needs. Steve is a 20 year old male student; he lives away from home as he is in his final year at university. He doesnt exercise at all and he eats unhealthily. Steves housing is very dirty and messy therefore causing a lot of dust. This is

    Lastly for Steve's social health needs he needs to reassess his social life and stop going out more and maybe even find more supportive friends rather than people who find it funny that he gets into a complete state. Also he should take up a hobby in order to keep himself busy rather than turning to alcohol and causing himself harm. Steve should also think about how he spends his money and that he should stop spending it on alcohol and cigarettes and he should use it in a more useful way such as joining a gym or towards a hobby he may want to take up.

    • Word count: 4306
  16. Describe the main reasons why children and young people may need to be looked after away from home.

    the parents may not be able to provide for the childs needs and this could result in their welfare to be at risk. Placing the child in respite for a period of time gives the parents a chance to be able to get on the straight and narrow. If the child is suffering from a bereavement and upheaval the child is often vulnerable and may have had a lot of disruption or upheaval already. The child may have had damaging experiences which may internalise their turbulent emotions.

    • Word count: 714
  17. Legislation and Policy that affects the care of children and young people.

    This UN Convention order makes sure the child is attending their school, being cared for, in good health and the child's social behaviour is acceptable. This act reassures the child and their families that they are being looked after well whilst the child is being looked after. This act is good as it has the child's well being at heart and the child's well being should hopefully become better if the looked after child is not being looked after properly.

    • Word count: 820
  18. Describe the appropriate responses where child abuse is suspected or confirmed, making reference to current legislation and policies.

    Sexual abuse An example of sexual abuse in a nursery setting would be that the child had been showing signs of discomfort in the genital area, and the care assistant had noticed the child had bruises around her breasts and when the parent came to collect the child, the child didn't want to go home If you were a nursery assistant within this setting your responsibility would be to inform the supervisor and take an account of everything you have seen and hear, also date it as this case could go to court if the alleged allegations where to be true.

    • Word count: 741
  19. Genogram Family Analysis. When I take a look at my family genogram it is really amazing how much was known on my Dads side of the family and how little is known about my mothers side of the family.

    My Grandfather was one of ten children. He had five brothers and 4 sisters. My Grandmother was one of four children and had three brothers. Maybe this explains why she was a tough skinned person. My grandparents had four children, two boys and two girls. My father was the oldest and the youngest while my Uncle Victor was the youngest. My Uncle Victor died at age eight on his birthday in an automobile accident that eventually caused the death of my Grandmother. Physical Features My Grandfather was six feet tall, while my Grandmother a mere four foot 7 inches tall.

    • Word count: 910
  20. As practitioners its important to value childrens interests and experiences as it show the children we are listening to them, it helps them to become their own individual person, to concentrate more, have higher self-esteem and it also helps to have

    Through listening and valuing children's experiences we can learn a lot about them such as their cultural backgrounds and how they do things at home appose to the way they do them in the nursery setting. As practitioners it's important to value children's interests and experiences as it show the children we are listening to them, it helps them to become their own individual person, to concentrate more, have higher self-esteem and it also helps to have a better understanding of the child in their personality and way of life.

    • Word count: 2148
  21. Principles underpinning work of practitioner in early years. Legislation and reflective practise.

    There should be open communication to ensure everyone's views are listened to and considered fairly, always keeping the needs of the children firmly in mind" ` E2- Discuss TWO (2) issues which contribute to maintaining professional relationships with children and adults. Communication Communication is an essential part of most people's everyday lives. Without good information we would not gain information, form relationships or maintain friendships. Babies and adults rely on adults around them to be good interpreters of their body language and first words.

    • Word count: 4164
  22. Child care legislation, inclusion and encouraging self reliance.

    Race Relations Act 1976 The Race Relations Act 1976 aimed to define racial discrimination. In 2000 there was an amendment to the Race Relations Act which strengthened some of the requirements of the earlier legislation and make settings work towards racial equality. In practice this will mean that an organisation must be alert on how a setting promotes their service, recruits staff and make the service genuinely accessible to all. The Act defines two types of discrimination: 1. Direct Discrimination - where a person or organisation treats another person less favourably because of their colour, race, ethnic or racial origin.

    • Word count: 4754
  23. Measuring health. Health suggestions for a smoker and an overweight person.

    Margaret will definitely need a pulse rate, as smoking damages her lungs and this has an affect on her heart. The doctor will Measure her heart beat per bpm the average for adult is supposed to be 60-100bpm. Margaret's heart beat will have to be checked to see if she has the average bpm. The more Margaret smokes, the higher the nicotine level increases in her blood and having high blood pressure can lead her to have high risk in having a heart attack.

    • Word count: 1688
  24. Review a risk assessment in relation to infection prevention and control undertaken at a health or social care work placement.

    Plus, not many accidents have happened in the staff room this shows that the risk assessment has worked. The good points about this risk assessment because it's nice and specific on the points you need to be aware. It is set out in grids and showing people whether the risks are high, medium or low. It also shows the person's name that carried about the risk assessment and the date has been viewed.

    • Word count: 453
  25. Outline the legal framework relating to the protection of children

    The rules include right to life, protection from slavery, right to education and the right to marriage. The human rights act is vital in keeping our society fair and equal as possible and fortunately most of us do not have any idea what it would be like with such regulations. United Nations Convention on the rights of the child, 1989. Children have rights and there is legislation to protect their rights. The United Nations Convention on the rights of the child has 54 articles containing the right of children. The 54 articles within the CRC address children's right to: * Survival * Protection * Development * Participation Special Educational Need and Disability Act 2001 This act has two parts.

    • Word count: 931

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