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AS and A Level: Healthcare

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    policies and procedures

    3 star(s)

    The Confidentiality policy helps children and young people to build trust. The policy also ensures the privacy of children/young and their parents and carers are respected while they are being looked after. Whilst being looked after children and young people should be able to feel safe in the environment in which they are in. This policy also helps children and their families to build trust as information is permitted to be disclosed unless children are at harm however they will be told that Confidentiality has to be broken.

    • Word count: 1422
  2. Marked by a teacher


    3 star(s)

    I will also need to consider what the benefits of these are including consideration of safety while carrying out the activity. I will particularly be looking at the four main areas of children's needs these are: ? Physical needs ? Intellectual needs ? Emotional needs ? Social needs Early childhood is a time of tremendous growth and development for children in each of the following ways: physical, intellectual, emotional and social (3). When looking at well-being and linking it with the activities that I have chosen, I can see that this will develop the physical needs of the children as

    • Word count: 6683
  3. Marked by a teacher


    3 star(s)

    Emotional development: This kind of a situation always has a break down on ones emotional development because they are either always sick or not happy because of the poor sanitary conditions in which they live in. Social development: People living in such areas do socialise amongst then selves but it has an impact on their self esteem and image because they will always feel ashamed of where they live and so their self esteem and image will always be low and they will be unable to socialise with people from other social status and groups.

    • Word count: 1379
  4. Marked by a teacher

    Unit 2: communication and values

    3 star(s)

    I also had to demonstrate what I wanted them to do and use a lot of non-verbal communication. In the second activity I had to again use terms and words that a 4 year old can understand. I also tried to use open and warming body language to make *Stuart feel more comfortable. The confidentiality issues I had to face were that I could not share personal details and personal details of the clients could not be shared with me. Methods: Before I did my interaction I had to plan and research communications and values. In doing this I used many sources of information, primary and secondary sources.

    • Word count: 1263
  5. Marked by a teacher

    influences of genetic, environment and socio economic factors on the development of the individual

    3 star(s)

    Most children with Down's syndrome learn to talk, walk and write. Children with Down's syndrome will not start to use language until their third year, and may use some sign language before talking. Parents/carers have to watch for health problems with children with Down's syndrome. Especially because their immune systems makes them prone to infections, particularly in the chest and sinus'. Young people with Down's syndrome have regular physical examinations (annually - or more if needed) including developmental issues, such as physical growth and sexual maturation. There are higher medical concerns with people with Down's syndrome during health education discussions - the physician should emphasise a health lifestyle for them. E.g.

    • Word count: 5062
  6. Marked by a teacher

    Factors that may influence communication and interpersonal interaction in health and social care setting

    3 star(s)

    Pictures and objects of reference - Painting, photographs, sculptures, architecture, and ornaments can communicate messages and emotion to people. People often take photographs or buy souvenirs to remind them of the happy experiences and emotions they have had. Communication passports - There are usually books that contain practical information about a person. The passport can help health and care workers to understand the personal and communication needs of a person with communication difficulties. Communication passport can also have photographs or drawings that may help care worker understand the person who owns the passport.

    • Word count: 921
  7. Marked by a teacher

    Factors Affecting Health

    3 star(s)

    Lifestyle Choices A lifestyle choice is the view that people are free to choose their way of life. For example, people may be free to choose a healthy diet, a healthy balance of rest and exercise and healthy habits such as only moderate drinking of alcohol and not smoking. Some of the choices that individuals make that affect their health and well-being is: Smoking There are not many smokers about who started smoking after the age of eighteen. In fact, the majority of smokers took up the habit in their early or mid teens. At such a young age, they don't really think about the health risks of smoking and they certainly do not realise how addictive smoking can be.

    • Word count: 800
  8. Marked by a teacher

    Conditions of employment for a social worker

    3 star(s)

    Depending on how much the person earns is known as (points) and then the group of so many points are then put into bands. For example, social worker job advert (see appendix 1) As you can see on your left there is a screen shot of the job advert from appendix 1. I have highlighted the salary. Salary; is the Points and then you have the pay band as I explained earlier. Below is a table of all the points within pay band 6.

    • Word count: 2909
  9. Marked by a teacher


    3 star(s)

    Growth is the process of single organism changing due to an unfolding of events biologically, for example an infant growing taller. Development is another form of growth but is usually seen in stages, like the development of PIES which goes up in stages of what a child is expected to be able compared to age. BIRTH A lot of physical, intellectual, emotional and social development takes place during the first 18 months of life, this is know as infancy development.

    • Word count: 2608
  10. Marked by a teacher

    Describe factors which may influence communication and interpersonal interactions

    3 star(s)

    * bone conduction, with sound conducted through the skull * CROS and BiCROS hearing aids: a CROS hearing aid picks up sound from the side with no hearing and feeds it to your hearing ear: a BiCROS aid amplifies sound from both sides and feeds it to your hearing ear Partial sight - low vision aids; * Closed circuit televisions (CCTVs) work by putting what you want to see underneath a special camera and the page appears enlarged on a TV screen.

    • Word count: 1477
  11. Marked by a teacher

    Describe different types of communication and interpersonal interactions using examples relevant to health and social care settings

    3 star(s)

    Formal communication requires appropriate verbal and non-verbal skills. Other examples of formal communication are; a formal letter or email. Formal communication is present everywhere in health and social care, for example, explaining procedures such as surgical operations and negotiating with others during a case conference to discuss care plans. Informal: Informal communication is the interaction between two or more people, which does not adhere to the rules of formal communication. Examples of this in a health care setting - Greeting relatives and introducing yourself to relatives and short conversations while giving practical assistance to people such as helping them to move.

    • Word count: 1137
  12. Marked by a teacher

    Describe The Behaviourist Perspective And Say How It Might Relate To Health And Social Care

    3 star(s)

    * Neo Behaviourism - This is a new development. The best known example is Social Learning Theory (Bandura). It was an attempt to reformulate learning theory to include a role for cognitive factors. The idea of this theory is that we learn through indirect rewards as well as direct rewards. Behaviourism has had an enormous influence through its behaviour rather than introspection, and its insistence on studying behaviour in controlled conditions. However this theory has been rejected by most psychologists. Behaviourists and social learning theorists are some of the examples of scientists and psychologists who come down strongly on the nurture side of the debate.

    • Word count: 965
  13. Marked by a teacher

    Explain the benefits of diversity to society

    3 star(s)

    Food: Food in Northern Ireland was come a long way from the fish and chip era. Today Belfast has hundreds of restaurants, ranging from Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian and Mexican. This has come from people from different cultures and countries immigrating to Belfast for a better life. In Chinese restaurants for example, if you look in a menu there will be part of the menu in Chinese and the other part in English, this shows great progress in bringing two cultures together under one roof and doesn't show discrimination against anyone.

    • Word count: 1262
  14. Marked by a teacher

    Explain potential hazards in health and social care settings

    3 star(s)

    At work shift work, workplace violence, inadequate staffing heavy workload, increases in patient dependency. Biological - these hazards are infectious or biological agents such as bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites that may be transmitted by contact with infected patients/people or contaminated body secretions/fluids. Examples in hospitals are the Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), Vancomycin resistant enterococcus (VRE), Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Clostridium difficile, Hepatitis B and C viruses and Tuberculosis. At home the threat of the above is also present. In healthcare and at home poor storage, preparation of food can cause food poisoning.

    • Word count: 1397
  15. Marked by a teacher

    Factors that influence child development

    3 star(s)

    This is often confusing for the child and an outsider. The break-up of a family does affect the child. Housing If there is lack of space you are unable to have personal space which increases tension, If the house is damp or dirty this will affect your child's health it can lead to respiratory problems. Of if you do not have access to a garden or a public play area this can lead to lack of physical skills, lack of opportunities to make friends and socialise Sibling rivalry If a new baby arrives an older brother or sister is likely to feel jealous.

    • Word count: 1936
  16. Marked by a teacher

    care plans

    3 star(s)

    To be effective and comprehensive, the care planning process must involve all disciplines that are involved in the care of the patient. The ultimate purpose of the care plan is to guide all who are involved in the care of this person to provide the appropriate treatment it needs accordingly to its physical, intellectual, social and emotional requirements. A care work unfamiliar with the patient/resident should be able to find all the information needed to care for this person in the care plan.

    • Word count: 1031
  17. Marked by a teacher

    Health and safety in sport

    3 star(s)

    Sport plays a major part in the personal, social and physical development of young people. All young people should have the opportunity to develop those skills and be able to participate in sport and leisure activities in an environment free from discrimination an without risk to there personal health and safety. Gateshead stadium and St James Park are sports grounds and are under a another act the safety of sports act 1975 and also the Fire Safety and Safety of Places of Sport Act 1987 are concerned with addressing risks to spectators at sports grounds but not with the risks to participants, who are normally covered by the general requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

    • Word count: 766
  18. Marked by a teacher

    Did the Medical Renaissance Improve Heath and Treatments?

    3 star(s)

    She also followed some of the work of Paracelus who attacked Galen's ideas about the four humours. She had many new ideas of her own, many that did improve health. She challenged Galen and tried new treatments. Many of which were based on herbs. She treated Jaundice, smallpox, fevers, skin diseases, cramp, melancholy and many other diseases. Richard Wiseman lived after Grace and was a surgeon who passed on his knowledge to younger surgeons. He read the works of Greek and Roman doctors. He reffered to Hippocrate's and Galen and followed some of their ideas.

    • Word count: 496
  19. Marked by a teacher

    History of the National Health Service.

    3 star(s)

    entering this 'charitable' institution, the reason for this was to put off any vagabonds who were too lazy to work an honest days work thus ensuring only the needy and desperate would apply for help. (Joanne de Pennington-Beneath the Surface: A Country of Two Nations. / Frank Field-The Welfare State-Never Ending Reform. These two sources are from www.bbci.co.uk) Although the work house conditions didn't improve, the living conditions outside did, and in the last half of the nineteenth century, sanitation and housing improved due to the 1848 Public Health Act.

    • Word count: 2593
  20. Marked by a teacher

    How has public health improved in the 20th Century?

    3 star(s)

    Builders built houses back to back so that they could cut on expenditure and fit more people in. The only toilets for these houses were at the end of the row, meaning communal, imagine if someone in that row had a disease, then it would most probably be passed to the rest of the people living on that row. There were no gardens. This caused major ill health and in 1909 it was banned. This improved public health because it meant every house would have some open space either at the front or back of their house and they would not have to share bathing facilities, which improved sanitation.

    • Word count: 649
  21. Marked by a teacher

    Indian Head Massage

    3 star(s)

    FIRST SESSION At the start of the treatment he was a bit tense but gradually started to relax and enjoy the moves. He felt muscular tension relief during shoulder/back and neck massage. His relaxation was quite obvious during scalp massage, finger frictions and pressure points on lower scalp, head and eye area had a soothing effect on him. At the end of the massage I gave him a glass of water and advised him to take a jug of water with him to bed in case he felt thirsty during the night and to avoid dehydration.

    • Word count: 1626
  22. Marked by a teacher

    Relationship between stress and physical illness

    3 star(s)

    A mild level of stress can provide a sense of excitement and help people perform at their peak. But severe stress can fill people with worry and prevent effective behavior. Stress that lasts a long time can weaken health and interfere with happiness. Most stresers cause the individual to feel afrain though there may not be a physical reason for the fear and it is more lickely to be the fear of not getting a report in on time or being late for something important ect. Fear is one of the most primitive of human emotions which may expain why the body's 'fight or flight' response is not ideal for modern life wher quite often neither is an option.

    • Word count: 1100

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