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AS and A Level: Healthcare

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  1. Discuss the principles and values which underpin support for individuals who use services.

    A social worker may work with homeless individuals to make sure that they are receiving things that are rightfully theirs such as medical care and financial benefits. When dealing with homeless individuals it is important to have a person centred approach and include them in any planning and support they are receiving with the individual at the centre. It is important to include the individual in any decision making and planning that can have an influence on their life. The individual is at the centre of the care and support of what they are receiving.

    • Word count: 2207
  2. Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

    These symptoms may come and go for a couple of weeks and if left untreated there will be long health effects also known as the tertiary stage were you may get strokes, loss of coordination, numbness, blindness, deafness and heart disease. Primary and secondary syphilis can be successfully treated using a 10-14 day course of antibiotics. Penicillin is normally used, though other antibiotics can be used if you are allergic to penicillin. Pregnant women can also be treated from syphilis with using antibiotics.

    • Word count: 1403
  3. Use the following case studies and complete the PIES needs for each of the 3 different client groups.

    She would not want anyone by her side when she?s on the toilet. She will also be able to move around independently which is very important. Having to meet her mobility needs, she will be able do all sort of things which won?t require any help or assistant from other individuals. Having to wear glasses, this is another physical need Maaria has. For her when she is in school, the care workers that take care of Maaria have to make sure they give her enlarged text to read when she is in lessons in order for her to be able to read without difficulties such as squinting.

    • Word count: 2311
  4. Barriers In Communication In Health & Social Care

    I think having private and communal rooms is a good strategy as it helps people be more sociable and helps keep privacy in the private rooms. Noise A lot of noise, either within the area or background noise from outside, can be a barrier in effective communication. Background noise, from televisions or from traffic for example, can make communication difficult for someone with a hearing impairment. This can affect the use of hearing aids as they pick up the background noise and amplify it.

    • Word count: 4656
  5. Practice Evidence Record Diary. Over a period of two weeks at the nursery I helped child X to gain self-reliance and self-esteem

    by helping her to identify certain things on her own with a little bit of her from me, for example the children were getting to out to the library and they children were told to get their jackets and shoes on. I asked child X ?would you like me to get your jacket for you or would you like to get it yourself ?she was excited and she replied ?don?t worry funmi you can get your jacket and mine will get mine? so knelt down to her level and said to her with a smile instead of saying mine will

    • Word count: 1344
  6. Unit 8 Essay on caring for children

    Also the child may have a specific need, for example a child with a physical disability, the child is a wheel chair user who has two 30 minutes of one to one specialist care to further the physical development of the child. It is important for the practitioner to ensure the child has two 30 minute sessions in order to meet the needs of the child. This reflects the attitude of the practitioner. It is important for the practitioner to be friendly and positive at all times when caring for children.

    • Word count: 7928
  7. Psychological illnesses - the causes and effects of a brain aneurysm

    When this area becomes weak it leads to an aneurysm. Aneurysms themselves don?t usually provide except when they leak into the brain tissue. Some people are born with aneurysms while others develop over a period of time, more than often they are not discovered until an autopsy is carried out on a body after death. They are silent and are not found otherwise until they leak or rupture. There are very few symptoms that an individual has an aneurysm, some of these do include mimics of strokes, headaches and stiffness in the neck.

    • Word count: 965
  8. Describe physical, intellectual, emotional and social development for each of the life stages of an individual.

    As it is just the beginning of a new life, the women carrying the baby will obviously not feel anything as she may not just yet know that she is pregnant, 'around about three weeks in to the fertilization, the mother may go through a bit of bleeding, which is usually mistaken for menstrual period. Emotional Well-being. While being pregnant, hormones will be on the high- they cause the lining of the womb to thicken and increase the volume of blood circulation, particularly in places such as the womb and the breasts.

    • Word count: 2847
  9. Alternative Therapies Essay - Reflexology and Energy

    This nature and pattern of energy flow is an ancient science also known as healing energy. Studying energy in physics is known as bio-magnetic fields all around us. In practicing holistic therapies energy can be described as the healing process which is exchanged during a treatment such as Reflexology. The energy is transferred between client and therapist to enable healing in the body and balancing that energy. We can feel the energy flowing into something positive a connection when carrying out a treatment on a client. 1. Where does it come from? When our bodies relax, allowing renewal and repair this is also preparing us to refuel.

    • Word count: 785
  10. Analyse how the nervous system and the endocrine system work together to produce a response to a dangerous situation. Evalute the importance of Homeostasis.

    This hormone stimulates the adrenal cortex (the outer part of the adrenal glands) to release a number of other hormones into the blood. The nervous system comprises the central nervous system (the brain and the spinal cord) and the peripheral nervous system, the nerves running to and from the brain (cranial nerves) and spinal cord (spinal nerves). A chain of ganglia runs close to the spinal cord and is associated with the autonomic nervous system, which controls internal organs. Autonomic nerve fibres are also contained within the peripheral nerves. The endocrine system is a collection of ductless glands scattered throughout the body.

    • Word count: 932
  11. Development through life stages report

    Childhood Children grow steadily but less rapidly than during infancy. Children?s practical abilities continue to develop, at the age of 2 children may be able to run and to climb stairs one step at the time. When children are 4 they may be able to kick and throw a large ball. By age 6 or 7 a child may be able to skip and ride a bicycle. Adolescence Puberty in girl starts between 11 ? 13 years although it may begin earlier in some girls. Boys start puberty later often between 13-15 years old.

    • Word count: 2157
  12. To what extent does the drug AZT treat HIV&AIDS?

    They include a rash, fever and glands enflaming. This occurs due to the response of the body to the infection. The phase when this takes place is referred to as Sero-conversion. People with HIV infection having their immune system compromised would tend to develop illnesses which are called opportunistic infections. HIV infections can also tend to be susceptible to other types of cancers. World wide Statistics on HIV/AIDS. According to medicinenet.com, ?Statistics from the World Health Organization stated that approximately 2 million people die each year from AIDS, resulting in 15 million new orphan children.

    • Word count: 2100
  13. How patients/service users may be assisted by effective communication and technological aids

    Whereas, a translator is someone who change recorded material from one language to another. Interpreters must have an in depth knowledge of the languages used by both parties. An interpreter is used in situations such as for hearings under the Mental Health Act. Translators are also highly skilled as complete accuracy needs to be achieved. There are now many websites which claim to be able to translate, however they are only able to translate a few words or phrases, it is essential that in health and social care settings a professional is used to ensure that the service user or patient fully understands, the written text being translated.

    • Word count: 1549
  14. Discuss the factors likely to influence current and future patterns of health in the UK (M2)

    So basically doctors and lawyers and university teachers are given more status than unskilled labourers. This is because the different positions represent different level of power, money and influence. In the 19th century peoples social class would affect them because if would affect their chance of getting a job and an education it could also have even affected who they wanted to marry so for example someone from a low social class was unable to marry someone from a higher social class. www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/customs/questions/class.htm Social class is all about where an individual is placed in the hierarchy in terms of class within the society so for example this would include lower, middle and upper class.

    • Word count: 2340
  15. There are many different models of behaviour change that are related to health promotion, I am going to explain two of these in detail

    There are three main meanings to the social learning theory, when an individual?s behaviour is affected by the consequence of their action for example when a child is badly behaved they know they are going to get punished but when they do something good they know they will get a reward therefore they are only going behave badly when they are not getting the attention they desire. Individuals are more likely to copy the behaviour that they think is acceptable this again links to the unhealthy eating with the adult and the child.

    • Word count: 626
  16. Equality, Diversity and Rights In Health Care

    Britain is a multicultural society with a large variety of people from different backgrounds. Education has developed over recent years with different cultures, which have been explored in the education curriculum. The education system has benefitted from multi- cultural backgrounds. For example management positions in a school could benefit pupils by making a positive change in relations to diversity. Tolerance has benefitted diversity in many ways. One for example could be in life we all have to accept that everyone is different and are their own individual person; no-one is the same. Every day you will come across people who will have different views and opinions to you.

    • Word count: 1394
  17. Review of "How babies think" by Alison Gopnik

    She goes on to explain that her book answers much deeper questions such as how do young babies know so much? Gopnik gives in depth detail of a child?s brain as she describes it as a computer, she does this to try and help the reader to understand how complex a child?s brain really is. She tells us that babies are a very special type of computer and that they are made of neurons unlike the everyday computer which is made of silicon chips, (page6)

    • Word count: 658
  18. Unit 1 Affective communication

    Effective communication might take place in a care home between the patient and the career it is important that the carer understand the patient well as it would make it easier for the carer to communicate with the patient and it takes place when the patient needs help going to the toilet the patient would ask the carer to help him or her to stand up or maybe use hand gestures if the patient finds it hard to speak. The barrier to communication is about how a person understands each other and if it can cause any barriers.

    • Word count: 792
  19. Mental health issues - OCD, Anorexia and Post-natal Depression.

    Temporary relief ? the compulsive behaviour brings temporary relief from anxiety, but the obsession and anxiety soon return, causing the pattern or cycle to begin again. Obsessive thoughts Almost everyone has unwanted and unpleasant thoughts, such as a nagging worry that their job may not be secure, or a brief suspicion that a partner has been unfaithful. Most people can put these types of thoughts and concerns into context and are able to carry on with their day-to-day lives; they do not repeatedly think about worries that they realise have little substance.

    • Word count: 6248
  20. The five pathogens

    Or alternatively using a dam to cover the female genitals during oral sex. Protozoan parasite The Trichomonas vaginalis parasite, or trichomonad Trichomonas Can be symptomless but some symptoms include? (Women) Swelling of the vagina, itching around the vagina, vaginal discharge, pain whilst urinating, discomfort during sexual intercourse, pain in the lower abdomen. (Men) Pain after urination or ejaculation, thin white discharge from the penis, discomfort during sex. Trichomonas is a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

    • Word count: 481
  21. The Transition of Knowledge from the Patient to the Doctor

    Throughout this period, patients were usually diagnosed by doctors whose opinions were formed through Ancient Greek (Hippocratic) and Galen-era theories. These approaches largely consisted of the doctor listening to the patients story and then using their five senses to examine the general appearance, secretions, and excretions of the patient. These early practices of medicine were, needless to say, completely untested and largely based the superstitions and assumptions of a small number of historic physicians. Therefore, due to the mystery and absence of understanding surrounding disease, infection, and human anatomy, the potential for diagnosis and treatment was bleak and largely dependent on the patients thoughts on their own health complaints; hence the general consensus at the time 'the patient knew best'.

    • Word count: 2110
  22. How Dissection Influenced Modern Medicine

    Never before had the body been so comprehensively documented layer by layer in such rigorous detail. Up until these discoveries all of our knowledge on human anatomy was drawn from superstition, religious philosophy, and animal dissections carried out by Greek physician Galen. Vesalius? findings directly contradicted these theories and ideas, and by conducting his own dissections on human corpses in public, educational and religious institutions had to reluctantly accept that his conclusions were correct. Above: Vesalius performing a public dissection. (Vesalius, A. 1555). Vesalius? ?De humani corporis fabrica? increased interest in the practice of dissection and fascinated physicians into unlocking the remaining mysteries of the human body.

    • Word count: 515
  23. Describe the US Department of Health and Human Services

    They are responsible for research, public health, food safety, drug safety, health insurance, and other funding. The secretary is responsible for advising the President, hundreds of public health programs, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as Medicaid and Medicare. One of the many divisions in the department is the Administration for Children and Families. Their responsibilities are Public Welfare, Head Start, and Temporary Assistance for Families (TANF). Welfare restructuring will allow for early childhood development for children in low income homes; preserving the family unit, foster care, helps the states prove paternity and collect child support, adoptions, supports the different states with their welfare responsibilities.

    • Word count: 1196
  24. Health and Safety - Health, Safety and Security in Care Settings.

    Sand - Children eating it, getting it in their eyes. Sand should be changed regularly. Outline how legislation, policies and procedures relating to health, safety and security influence health and social care settings. (P2) The UK has one of the lowest accident rates in the world. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 is one of the main reasons for this. Legislation over the last 30 years has helped bring about significant improvements in health and safety in health and safety in the workplace.

    • Word count: 937
  25. Safeguarding Children - Types, Signs and Reasons for Abuse of Children

    Whatever the situation, there is never a good reason to deliberately injure a child. Effects - The harm caused by physical abuse can range from minor injuries to major trauma. These can include: 1. bruising 2. burns or scalds 3. bite marks 4. fractures 5. scarring 6. poisoning 7. drowning or suffocating 8. head injuries caused by a blow or by shaking 9. fabricated or induced illness. The experience of being harmed may, also, cause mental health and behavioural problems in a child, such as: 1. depression and anxiety 2. aggression and violence 3.

    • Word count: 3892

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