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a01 educare provison

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AO1 Educare provision in the local area Educare: Children need both education and care. Education helps the children to develop intelligence. However children can not sufficiently learn if they lack physical care. Care provides the children with help for physical needs and comfort for their emotional needs. Children need to be physically fit before there are able to be emotionally fit. Also children cannot learn if they are hungry or lack self confidence because they lack concentration and find it difficult to participate. Here is a list to show the hierarchy of human needs: 1. Basic physical needs- being fit and healthy 2. Safety and security- having freedom, not being afraid and have stability 3. ...read more.


Disadvantages * Lack of relationship with parents. * Lack of play opportunities * Expensive * Children may find it difficult to socialize with strangers and other children * Parents have no control over what the children are doing in the provision. Informal provision It is normally free of charge or very cheap. Your family and friends looking after your child for free is informal provision. Examples of informal provision are: After school clubs, Babysitters, after school care. The main purpose of this provision is for basic physical needs and for safety and security needs. Advantages * Cheap * Parents have time to themselves * Prepares children for compulsory education * Provides regular care for children * Children can have help with homework. ...read more.


* Some statutory provision does not come under the regulations of the Children Act. E.g. Cr�ches Voluntary provision Held by volunteers and is usually for younger children than older. It is free and does include some sort of education but not as much as some of the other provisions. Examples of voluntary provisions are: Parent and toddler group, Cr�che, Playgroups and Holiday play scheme. The main purpose of this provision is fro love and emotional needs as well as safety and security needs. Advantages: * Values social development * Opportunity to socialize with other children * Located at appropriate areas Disadvantages: * Unqualified staff * Do not meet the needs of the working parents * Some voluntary provisions do not come under the regulations of the children act ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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