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Accident Log Book Example - waiting room - Unit 3 Health and Social Care task 4

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´╗┐Waiting Room SCENE DESCRIPTION: I have chosen a doctor?s surgery waiting room as my first setting. In the waiting room there is the main reception desk, 6 rows of seats with fabric covering, a low glass table with a pile of magazines on for people to read, a children?s area with toys in a wooden box, a lift and a staircase leading up to the doctors? offices. Potential hazards in the waiting room include no handrail on the staircase, magazines on the floor that have been knocked off of the table, the fabric seats not being clean and sanitized, the wooden toy box giving a child a splinter, the glass table of magazines being placed in front of one of the fire exits, and the cleaning cupboard being left open with hazardous cleaning chemicals in view. The table with the magazines on is placed directly in front of a fire exit in the building. This is a hazard because if there was a fire and people needed to exit via that door, they would have to climb over the table to escape, and causing unnecessary time spent queueing up at the door, putting people in danger. This hazard is especially a risk to those with mobility issues. ...read more.


Secondly, an ambulance should be called for anyone who ingests any chemicals from the unlocked cupboard. Any clothing or jewellery contaminated by the chemical should be removed. If the chemical is on the skin, the skin should be rinsed under cool, running water for 10 to 20 minutes. A first aider should then cover the area with a loose, dry, sterile dressing or a clean cloth if the dressing is not available. Thirdly, anyone who falls down the stairs without the handrail should be taken to A&E or have an ambulance called for them, depending on the severity of the fall. The person could have concussion from falling and should be taken to hospital immediately as the symptoms of concussions sometimes take a while to appear. If the person cannot easily stand up on their own, they should not be moved, in case any neck or spinal injuries are worsened, and an ambulance should be called. Next, any children who get splinters from the wooden toy box should go to the first aider who may be able to remove the splinter if it is minor, and then the wound would be sterilised. If the splinter cannot be removed then the child should be taken to A&E immediately, as the splinter could become septic if not treated properly, where they would either remove it surgically or treat it so that the risk of infection is minimised. ...read more.


A senior member of staff should regularly check this cupboard, that it is locked and safe. The staff should receive training in how to deal with minor injuries from these chemicals, for example chemical burns, and how to store these chemicals properly. This training should be repeated every year. The person responsible for the building health and safety should be informed of the dangerousness of the lack of hand rail on the stairs, and they should hire someone immediately to come and install handrails on all the stairs in the building. The toy box should be replaced with one of suitable material, for example non-toxic plastic and a member of staff should be appointed to regularly heck there are no cracks, breakages etc. that could cause injury to a child using the toy box. The table with the magazines on, that the magazines keep falling off of, should have a magazine rack installed and a sign up to encourage people to put the magazines back on the rack once they have finished with them. A member of staff should also regularly check that there are no obstacles on the floor that could cause a fall. The chairs should be replaced with chairs of suitable, cleanable material, and hand sanitizer dispensers should be placed around the whole surgery and signs up to encourage people to sanitize their hands regularly. ...read more.

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