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Accuracy is very important, when completing records of service users. This due to health & safety, making sure all records are accurate and up to date will keep service users out of danger.

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AO1D: Accuracy is very important, when completing records of service users. This due to health & safety, making sure all records are accurate and up to date will keep service users out of danger. Not being accurate can lead to: * missed appointments, * incorrect medicine * preventable pain and uneasiness * even death I am going to mind map why I think it is important to keep accurate records from the view of the four areas below. Care workers: It's important for care workers to keep accurate records in Greyfriers nursing home, this is because care workers provide treatment, which means they need to keep all the records accurate for GPs to see to. Making sure they are getting the right medicine they need and not incorrect medicine that affects their health or could cause death. They also monitor service user's health which means recording down the improvements or if the service user has become worse. ...read more.


Services users do their tasks to keep their mobility good, they will also get good support from one another. It's important that the records are accurate due to their health; this is because GPs need to know what medication they should give out. Also if their records are not accurate and care worker may hand out wrong medicine to patients, this can cause serious harm and may lead to death. Records of service users need to be kept due to the law and this will help care workers to monitor patient's health. Monitoring their health will help with keeping their diet balanced. Service users would feel confident that accurate records are being kept, if not they even feel vulnerable. Also any personal possessions that service users may have when started the care home, this may be possessions such as rings, watches, lockets etc. These items may be very important to service users, this is why care workers need to make sure they are kept safe and service users are able to trust care workers with these possessions. ...read more.


If service user is diabetic, relatives would ensure they are given the certain type of food. The records of visitors need to be accurate, this is because of health and safety. Care workers need to know who is visiting the service user, making sure that they are safe and secure. Also relatives of service users tend to bring food which needs to be recorded down for health reasons, making sure the food is appropriate and doesn't cause food poising. Overall all records should be accurate and up to date, this is because there will be a less chance of harming service user. Not having accurate records would mean there may be complaints due to info incorrect, from care homes, complaints of GPs about their diet and if they had any infections. Also records are kept due to inspection purposes e.g. Care Standards Act. Also service users like Maggie that live in Greyfriers Nursing Home have personal information that needs to be accurate so that Maggie avoids harm to herself. Also if any family of Maggie's ask about her health they can review back to her records which need to be accurate. ...read more.

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