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Activity and Disengagement theory

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D2- how does each theory relate to the health and social care setting. The activity and disengagement theory both link to the health and social care setting. Looking at the activity theory, each practice persuades elderly to stay active by proving them with activities such as bingo, quizzes, physical activities, music and sensory activates. I believe from this the practice will be able to ensure that elderly people stay active. This theory relates to the practice because people in this practice have retired, however they still have other things to keep them entertained. Living in this practice will make them become part of the community there. This will make them stay involved with others. The practice will promote and prolong their activities. They will make sure that their clients maintain their relationship with the family and friends. However there are some with physical disabilities, mental health disabilities or learning disabilities who may not be able to participate in those activities. This theory convinces others to participate and to keep fit; however there can be times were keeping all clients fit becomes difficult. There are residents who may disengage themselves in the health and social care setting. ...read more.


It showed the following questions. Are people made or born gay? Are we all straight until our environment or some traumatic event makes us gay or have we indeed had gay feelings for as long as we can remember? Some of the article is shown below. I was born gay! "You can't 'make' someone gay no more than you can 'make' someone straight. Of course environmental factors affect our sexuality. You just can't generalize these types of things. Ultimately what you end up doing is trying to figure out how to stop it-- like it's a disease or something--instead of trying to help people ACCEPT themselves for who they are and help nurture them into healthy relationships." I was 'made' gay! "Might any of these factors (in the life of someone male) contribute towards giving him a gay disposition, or at least make him more inclined to seek the love of men? An alcoholic parent, mother or father; A cold parent, mother or father; Having been in a boys boarding school since about 11". Looking at this article, I have showed both nature and nurture side of the debate. I agree with the nurture side of this debate. ...read more.


Personality is Natural This group believes that your personality is result of evolutionary process. You inherit behaviours due to complex interaction of genes. They control your behaviours. So you don't have a free will to act otherwise. Personality is Nurtured This group argues that you don't get your personality inherited. Your mind is a blank slate at your birth. It is your environment, education and culture that make up your behaviours. There are differences on the issue of 'free will' to change your behaviours. Personally I believe that both nature and nurture influenced me on my outcome. Looking at Darwin's theory of evolution, he proposed that like physical organs, your personality is result of natural selection for survival of the fittest. You do as your genes dictate. They suggest that fear of death, fear of injury, fear of snakes, shyness, addiction, criminality and sexual orientation are main examples of inheritable behaviours. This debate can take away responsibilities on the individual and make the individual blame it on education, friends and culture. Also gang culture; if people grow up carrying knifes and guns, they are more likely to make their own children do the same thing or even steal. This will make the individual place the blame on the environment, gene or biology. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 4- Development Through Life Stages Amal HUSSEIN Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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