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ADHD talk sources

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Sources & Materials Used Observations I observed a class of 30 students and their teacher. Of this class two students had been diagnosed with ADHD and another two were in the process. I observed by participating in the classroom activities and observing from a distance to see how the teacher and students communicate with each other. Bellow are some notes from my observations. * Noticed ADHD symptoms most when doing school work * Other students were aware of the child's bad communication skills * Teachers tried to effectively communicate but it took time and the classes were larger * They often jumped in on their peers and teachers and both got annoyed with them * The ADHD children felt generally guilty for interrupting but said they couldn't help it * Both teacher and child differently experienced the meaning of what was spoken. ...read more.


I was told by the head teacher to treat them firm but use lots of encouragement when we were aware that two children with ADHD would join my class. This was useful but maybe some training from my SENCO or a workshop could have furthered my skills and prepared me for the upward battle that was to come, as it was like jumping in the deep end. You really do sink or swim in these situations. If I were a trainee teacher, what advice would you give me? To keep them on task at all times and make sure you have their attention, just simply talking to them keeps them focused. I know it sounds mean, but if their focus wonders they can cause havoc for the whole class and it's just not acceptable or practical to let this happen. ...read more.


Verbal because it engages them in what your saying, whereas non-verbal can be interpreted differently between children and where one child might think your telling them to be quiet with eye contact, another may think your telling them off. Non-verbal communication can be effective if not more than, as it does not single the children out, but you really do need to pre-arrange the signs or signals and make sure they understand. What barriers can ADHD cause? Well it really matters on the child at hand. One may be more inattentive and that causes problems with communication and schoolwork. Where as another child might only be hyperactive and that causes him to loose friends and get aggressive. I guess the most 'standard' barrier would be communication. All of the children I've come across with ADHD lack social skills and don't understand the concept of social cues. This makes it really hard to have a conversation that flows properly. ...read more.

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