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Adult Children of Alcoholism - Chemical Dependency.

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Adult Children of Alcoholism: Chemical Dependency Many children that grow up in alcoholic families have a tendency to believe they are alone and feel it isn't possible for people to understand what it is like growing up in this type of home. Growing up in this kind of home is very difficult and its effects can be forever. I believe children of alcoholics need on going support from extended family members, as well as support from a friend. Also I have strong beliefs that one of the most important factors is that the children participate in group counseling with children their own age and who have experienced the same or similar situation. As far as recovery for those who grew up in this kind of alcoholic home, it is necessary for the person to recognize and acknowledge the pain and agony that the alcohol has caused for the person, as well as other family members. Because of its effects, including physical, emotional and mental, it is important to know the true meaning and discuss facts about it. Alcoholism: According to the Journal of American Medical Association (1992), "Alcoholism is a primary, chronic disease/illness." Alcoholism is characterized by preoccupation with alcohol, the lack of control over drinking, and the use of alcohol despite the consequences. ...read more.


Roles: In most dysfunctional families, it seems as if family members take on different roles in order to cope with their surroundings. Basically members of an alcoholic family tend to play one of these five roles: Chief Enabler, Family Hero, the Scape-Goat, Lost Child, or the Mascot. The Chief Enabler always blames self, feels very responsible, and is manipulative and self pitying. They often try to control the family system and protect the person who is chemically dependent. Another common tole is the Family Hero. The family hero is a hard worker and always does what is right, generally acquiring visible success. Self worth is what they seek and work for in the family system. The Scape-Goat has qualities such as, hostility, defiance, being withdrawn, possibly a drug user. Feelings are comprised of anger, fear, loneliness, and rejection. They are represented by taking focus off of the alcoholic. The fourth role is the Lost Child. They tend to be very independent, are daydreamers, and be very withdrawn, and often have feelings of anger and inadequacy. They represent the family by relieving the parent The last role is the Mascot. The mascot represents the family by fun and humor that relieves some stress and tension. The mascot has four very distinct characteristics: hyperactivity, a short attention span, have some learning disabilities and would do anything for attention. ...read more.


Needing to realize, you need fun, be able to make friends, and feel good about yourself and others. Concentrating on school and work, and help develop healthy coping skills and provide referrals for additional support."(Pg22) A person or family member who is having a difficult time with dealing with this chemical dependency has a wide range of options, as far as treatment is concerned. Some studies focus on individual treatment as the best therapy for an individual that is surrounded by a chemical dependency. However, there have been a large number of groups established for adult children of alcoholics. Studies are suggesting that this is a very beneficial treatment method. ACA's have reported that after attending these meetings they realized they were not alone. This seemed to help them discuss how alcohol affected their lives and how others shared some of the same similarities. In many circumstances, group therapy is recommended for people who receive individual treatment. Conclusion: In conclusion adult children of alcoholics come from very diverse backgrounds. After completing my research it is evident that society and the media play a large role in the lives of alcoholics and their families. This is not something that needs to go left alone or unnoticed. It is a large problem, and needs to be acknowledged. ...read more.

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