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Alcohol and Its Effects on the Body As tempting as it might be to consume alcohol in college, I have found through recent experiences

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Ashley Austell November 2nd, 2005 PTI Alcohol Effects Paper Alcohol and Its Effects on the Body As tempting as it might be to consume alcohol in college, I have found through recent experiences that the idea might not be as glamorous and fun as it seems. I have experienced the trouble that drinking can cause and the negative impacts that alcohol does to your body. Unfortunately, I have experienced many of the troubles that alcohol can acquire for someone. There are so many impacts that alcohol has on your body-acute effects, short-term effects, and long-term effects. A person's brain is affected extremely from alcohol. While you are under the influence, cognitive abilities are affected even with the smallest measures of alcohol. Memory cells and those cells that pertain to memory are the brain cells that are most susceptible to alcohol. Alcohol prohibits the transfer and consolidation of memory-therefore, we will not be able to remember what happened before drinking and during that allotted time period. ...read more.


Adolescent drinkers scored much worse than non-alcohol users on vocabulary, general information, memory, the retrieval of memory in addition to at least three other tests. Verbal and non-verbal information recall was most heavily affected. In alcoholic beverage users, there was at least a ten percent decline. Significant neuropsychological deficits are present in early to middle-aged adolescents, typically ages 15 and 16, that have histories of using alcohol extensively. Adolescent drinkers perform much worse in school and academic conquests. Also, adolescents that use alcohol are much more likely to decline academically. If these reasons are not enough to quit using alcohol, adolescent drinkers also possess an increased risk of problems in a social aspect, depression, and psychological defaults. Suicide and violent thoughts are certainly risks that drinking alcohol underage entails, concerning the damages that alcohol does to the brain. In addition, alcohol disturbs one's sleep cycle. This effect results in learning disabilities and memory dysfunctions. Also, sleep disturbances disrupt the release of hormones that are deemed essential for adolescent development, physical growth, and maturation in all areas of health. ...read more.


I am back together with my boyfriend of two years, I am doing better in school, and there are no more mornings where I cannot remember what I did last night. Unfortunately, it took me a while to realize these dirty truths about alcohol the hard way. This paper somewhat serves as my testimony to "quitting alcohol." Alcohol is a drug-no matter what anyone tries to argue. Alcohol is considered just as much an addictive drug as marijuana. It can also be just as hard to stop as a "crack-head" to stop cocaine. Alcohol is NOT the "cool thing to do." It can make you do stupid things that can ruin your life and your reputation. I truly regret many things that alcohol has caused me to do and I hope that this paper has changed the ways of others as well. AMA-Brain Damage Risks. October 20th, 2004. http://www.ama-assn.org/ama/pub/category/9416.html. October 28th, 2005. Alcohol Policy MD. Health Professionals Creating Solutions to Alcohol Abuse. http://www.alcoholpolicymd.com/. November 1st, 2005. Virginia Tech Students: Alcohol's Effects on the Brain and Body. July 5th, 2005. <http://www.alcohol.vt.edu/Students/alcoholEffects/brainBody.htm> . October 30th, 2005. ...read more.

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