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Alcohol Does Have Positives.

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Alcohol Does Have Positives All things have a positive and a negative. Various people may see the advantages in addition to others seeing the evil. For instance, alcohol can be seen as a negative substance all around. People drink alcohol and get into car crashes and kids drink and become alcoholics. It is especially easy to elucidate evil in every way. Then there is a slim group of people and researchers that have demonstrated alcohol is positive in numerous ways. Alcohol can be healthy for many people as long as it is used in moderation. A decent number of citizens do not believe others as they state alcohol is healthy for you. ...read more.


Then women and elders have a lower mortality rate than others. This is caused by alcohol helping with cancer and strokes (2). The general public has a vision that alcohol gives diseases and is poor for cure. Alcohol is very addicting to an average person. Most children start drinking early age of twelve years old. As well, children who drink by the age of thirteen tolerate an 80% probability of becoming an alcoholic. If children see their parents drinking two or three drinks a day, then they have a higher chance of following their parents, but drinking excessively. Other people may want to use moderate drinking but it leads to alcoholism for most people and is a chronic disease (2). ...read more.


There have been countless reports to illustrate the positive alcohol can do. The American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, and various books prove that researches done do tenet that alcohol is advantageous for people's health. Moderate drinking ought to be used for many people to help their health and prevent some diseases. People have to notice the positive in alcohol helping us and not to be flagrant in their judgments. If people keep their opinions stagnate then no one is going to find cures or medicines to improve our technology. Alcohol has its negatives that consist of car crashes, cancer, and alcoholism. Then its positives can be contradicting since it facilitates cancer. No one should put down the opportunity to look into the possibilities since they transform for each human being. ...read more.

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