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America's health care system

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TUI UNIVERSITY ROBERT MANGAHAS Module 1 Case Assignment BSH450: Health Care Delivery Systems Dr, Lawanda Warthen 5/28/2012 What is Happening to America's Healthcare System? Of all the progressing countries, United States has a very exclusive system of health care delivery. The health care delivery in the United States has long been described as a "cottage industry," characterized by fragmentation at the national, state, community, and practice levels. There is no single national entity or set of policies guiding the health care system; states divide their responsibilities among multiple agencies, while providers practicing in the same community and caring for the same patients often work independently from one another (How, Shih, Lau, Schoen, 2008). There are ten characteristics that differentiate the United States health care delivery system from the other countries. One of them is the absence of centralized agency to govern the system. The health care delivery system is not administratively handled by a single department or company. The unequal access to health care services is due to lack of health insurance for all the Americans. ...read more.


Since each plans shows out the kind of services the enrollee can receive, some plans make an erratic determination of how much they will pay for a certain type of service. In today's society, the risk of malpractice lawsuits is always a big deal. Although most scholars of malpractice agree that defensive medicine is highly prevalent, reliable estimates of its cost are notoriously difficult to obtain (Studdert, Mello, Brennan, 2010). Some medical practitioners engage in defensive medicine by prescribing unnecessary diagnostic test, adding more scheduled return checkup, and maintaining copious documentation which makes it more costly and inefficient. Advancement in science and technology often constitute demand for new services even though resources are not adequate enough to support it. Most people want the updated and the best technology in the market, especially if the health insurance company will cover the cost for testing or treatments. Hospitals compete on the basis of who has the most advance equipment and facilities. But this will cost them to use a chunk of their resources, which through utilization, they will be able to compensate the loss. ...read more.


Even these days, obesity rates are tremendously higher and it seems to grow exponentially. There are a lot of risks included if you are obese, and these are high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and heart disease which is the most concerning. Many factors are attributing to obesity. If we look on today's generation, our work environment is not as strenuous as they used to be. Back then, we use to go hunting and gathering, but for most of us now, we are sedentary in our offices through most of the day. Another contributor is being a couch potato. Today's television shows and video games parks people on their couches. However, the biggest factor in obesity is overeating. Americans are eating larger portions instead of eating the adequate amount. Low physical activity is associated with cigarette smoking, lower fruit and vegetable consumption, greater television watching, video gaming and other negative health behaviors in teenagers. Future studies should examine whether interventions for increasing physical activity in youth can be effective in reducing negative health behaviors (Am J Public Health, 1996). Engaging to high physical activity like sports or any outdoor activity will improve everyone's lifestyle, and may increase the life span as well. ...read more.

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