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AO1 National policies

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AO1 National Policies The national polices are produced by the central government. The Department for Education and Sciences (DFES) is responsible for all aspects of education. The children act 1989: This act gave children care and protection. It gave children care at home and helped children whom have problems at home. E.g. parents are separated. It also gave child-protection care outside of the home. Local authorities are responsible of carrying out this act. Some services are provided free from the council. These services are there to help children who are: * Disabled * Unlikely to have reasonable standard of heath without services from local authorities * Unlikely to progress in health or development with/without services from local authorites. This act distinguishes who will go under this act by using a 'needs assessment'. A social worker will then talk to the family of the special needs child informing them how the services will help the whole family. ...read more.


identify priorities across all organizations with a responsibility for children and young people in the whole of Hampshire * Ensure the welfare and safety for children and young people who may be at risk Every child matters: This act covers all children from birth to 19years old. This is done through the National Service Framework for Children, Young People and Maternity services. This service is to keep health, family support, Childcare and education services. This is so all children have the opportunity to have a great start in life. This act aims to meet these five outcomes: 1. Being healthy 2. staying safe 3. Enjoying and achieving 4. Making a positive contribution 5. Achieving economic well being In order to meet their aims, schools, hospitals, police and voluntary groups will come together and find new ways of helping children and young people by working together. The team will help protect and help them achieve what they want in life. ...read more.


Ofsted checks to see if the care workers are using an appropriate curriculum. The early year's curriculum promotes: * emotional, personal and social development Allows the children to find friends and improve language skills by talking. They learn how to share and gain awareness of others feelings. * communication and language The children learn to read, write and improve vocabulary. * knowledge and understanding of the world Children are encouraged to ask questions. It prepares them for secondary seduction. * Expressive and aesthetic development Allows children to express their emotions and feelings. * physical development and movement Increase their stamina, lets of steam. Increase coordination and self esteem. * Mathematics The children are supported to develop mathematical ideas and use related vocabulary while taking part in sorting, matching, ordering, counting, pattern making and working with numbers, shapes and measures. Foundation Stage Curriculum: This is the first stage of the curriculum. It focuses on the needs of children aged 3 up until the end of reception or primary school. It is a large and balanced curriculum. There are many different settings the child can go attend. ...read more.

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