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As health questionnaire

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Health and ill health questionnaire For my AS level health and social care coursework I have to look at peoples understanding of health and illness. In order to find this out I have created a questionnaire. It will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes of your time to fill in. It is completely anonymous and the only people to see it will be myself, my teacher and possibly an examiner. All data will remain confidential. You do not need to answer every question and are free to leave questions out which you may feel uncomfortable with. If you come across a question you would prefer not to answer please feel free to simply go onto the next. Participation can be refused however it would be very much appreciated if you could take the time to complete one. ...read more.


Height (m): m Health and ill health 8) Describe in your opinion what being healthy is? ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 9) Which best describes your concept of health? Being healthy means the absence of illness, Disease and mental distress Being healthy is due to the right maintenance E.g. regular exercise and a balanced diet Being healthy is caused by a balance of emotional, physical, intellectual and social elements of your life 10) How would you describe your current health on a scale of 1-10; 1 being poor and 10 being excellent? 11) How would you describe your current health? I don't eat well enough or do enough exercise I feel ok with my diet and exercise I feel good about myself; making sure I eat right and maintain exercise I feel very healthy; I do plenty of exercise and eat a balanced diet 12) ...read more.


Yes No 20) Do you regularly monitor your weight? Yes No 21) Why do you monitor your weight? 22) Are you on any type of diet to help improve your weight? Yes No Smoking 23) Do you smoke? (If no move on to question 26 ) Yes No 24) Why did you take up smoking and carry on with it now? 25) If you smoke cigarettes how many do you smoke a day? 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 40+ 26) What effect does smoking have on health? 27) How do you feel when people smoke around you? 28) Are you happy with the government's ban of smoking in public places? Yes No 29) Why do you think this? 30) Do you think smoking is associated with alcohol consumption? Very strongly Strongly Occasionally Hardly Not at all ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 3 Health and social care 44154 ...read more.

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