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AS Health & Social Care Communication. Example from a playschool setting.

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´╗┐OCR GCE AS Health & Social Care (Single Award) H103 Unit F911: Communication in Care Settings Candidate Name: Alicen Keeffe Candidate number: 6181 Centre Name: Okehampton Community College, Devon Centre Number: 54135 ________________ Acknowledgments ________________ ________________ Contents ________________ Section Title Page Number Title Page 1 Acknowledgments 2 Introduction 4 AO1 Communication: Spoken 5 Communication: written 6 Communication: Computerised 7 Communication: Special 8 AO2 Placement 9 Communication Skills: Eye Contact 10 Communication Skills: Tone Of Voice 10 Communication Skills: Empathising 10 Communication Skills: Posture 11 Promoting equality and diversity 11 Maintaining confidentiality 11 Promoting individuals rights and beliefs 11 Supporting and inhibiting communication 12 The Care Value Base 12 AO3 Communication Theory?s: Bruce Tuckman 14 Communication Theory?s: Bruce Tuckman Evaluation 15 Communication Theory?s: SOLER 16 Communication Theory?s: SOLER Evaluation 17 AO4 Interaction 18 Interaction: Evaluation 18 Conclusion 23 Appendices 24 Permision Letter A1 Room Plan A3 References 25 Bibliography 26 Glossary 27 Introduction ________________ This coursework is all about communication, types of communication, communication skills, communication theories, communication in a care setting and practicing communication. ________________ Communication ________________ Spoken: Spoken communication is using your voice to interact with someone else. It can be done in person or over a phone. Spoken communication is used to give information, obtain information, and exchange ideas. It is also the only form of communication that means you can build a meaningful connection and really get to know someone. You can use it to tell if they are lying, upset, or happy. In fact it is the only sure way of telling a mood through communication. It is easy and quick to use verbal communication; information can be effectively passed from one person to another it can be used to put people at ease and make sure people are fully informed of the facts. Also to confirm information is correct and that only the relevant information is used. However it can be hard to keep spoken communication private and confidential. ...read more.


To support communication you can chose a quiet room with an open furniture plan have a decent amount of time and make sure you?re open and considerate to the other person. Being calm and collected will also help support communication. By supporting people with special needs to communicate, such as providing then with someone who knows sign language or writing things down for them you are supporting good communication. The care value base The care value base forms a code of conduct, or a professional code of ethics, for anyone working in a caring profession. The care value base is important because it helps empower clients and prevent care givers from breaking the many laws that now exists to prevent discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability. Any violation of the care value base or code of conduct may result in dismissals, lawsuits, and, in a case of an entire institution acting unethically, enforced closure. The care value base also helps the clients promote their rights by outlining what they expect from health and care services. Using the Care Value Base, carers or care givers, must remember that people have the right to their own beliefs, ideas and way of life which the carers should not try to influence. Nobody has the right to damage other peoples quality of life. Rights come with responsibilities. Carers must respect the rights of all clients, no matter what. Clients in care need to be supported by effective communication. Be able to interconnect with a person effectively is much more reassuring and helps increase the quality of care. The care value base is a set of rules and guidelines that every care practitioner has to follow in order to provide services to their clients. The seven principles are: 1. Promoting anti-discriminatory practice 2. Maintaining confidentiality of information 3. Promoting and supporting individual?s right to dignity, independence, choice and safety 4. Acknowledging people's personal beliefs and identities 5. Protecting individuals from abuse 6. ...read more.


Invited the families to come and watch the children practice some of the new skills they?ve learnt This would have shown the families what the children have learnt and how the children have been doing Working with other professionals I worked with another young leader to run the activity and the other leaders helped me organise and set up the activity. Providing equal opportunities I encouraged all the children to answer the questions and partake in the activities Making sure all the children had the same number of times practicing the activity This would have made sure all the children had the same opportunity to practice. Valuing diversity I encouraged all the children to express their own opinions Did you prepare the environment? I set up the room, sorting out space for the practical, mats for the children to sit on, the area where we will be sitting and the layout of the seating arrangement. I also set up the camera so that it was focusing on me rather than focusing on the children. What went wrong? The children had a tendency to be easily distracted and mess around rather than sitting nicely and listening, this made effective communication harder as I had to ask the children to settle down and think about what I?m saying rather than any distractions. Improvements By only having one mat out per child, Not being so quick to jump in and give the children the answers, giving them time to think and answer first, Looked the children more directly in the eye, Being sat on the same level as the children and Encouraging them to be gentler while practicing the recovery position I would have improved the effectiveness of the communication as I would have removed distractions and promoted effective interactions ________________ Conclusion ________________ For this coursework I wrote about, types of communication, communication skills, communication theories, communication in a care setting and practicing communication. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Healthcare section.

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