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Aspects of quality assurance at Chamberlaynes Childrens Centre.

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UNIT 10 (F919) A03 ? HOW QUALITY ASSURANCE IS PROMOTED BY SERVICES quality assurance is a system for evaluating the performance, the quality if the services they provide i.e. what chamberlayne provie for their service users. Many quality assurance procedures would be set by the central government. Standards, governance, and quality control are all essential in any care setting like the NHS of any health service. Standards National service frame worls are national standards in certain settings that have seen set by the governmnet to improve standards of any health care service or care setting like Chnaberlayne. Standards relating to the level of service necessary in any health service or care setting like chamberlayne are always improving with the help from the national service frameworks. Targets will be set in agreement with the national service frameworks, social services and national health services, any agreements made will have set time limits. They will look to se what targets to tackle or any issues and concerns within the area. Aspects of quality assurance Qualith assurance mechanisms used by services take many forms; Improving imformation and consultation with service users Changes in the invlovment or patients and health services took place because of the NHS plan in 2000 and the health and social care act. The acts look at how they can and should invlolve patients and the public with the services that are run. ...read more.


They are also in tune with childrens settling in needs and sensitively support them during their play. Children who have english as a second language they receive support from bilingual staff which help them feel safe and secure. They under go regular evaluations to indentify area's for improvement. They have very good organisation of the centre that ensure children and families are put first which results in a very positive outcome for the children. Staff are trained in health and safety and have a good knowledge of the safeguarding procedure. The overall effectiveness of the early years provision The effectiveness of leadership and management of the early years provision The quality of the provision in the Early Years Foundation Stage Outcomes for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage The key inspection judgements and what they mean Grade 1 is Outstanding: this aspect of the provision is of exceptionally high quality Grade 2 is Good: this aspect of the provision is strong Grade 3 is Satisfactory: this aspect of the provision is sound Grade 4 is Inadequate: this aspect of the provision is not good enough How well does the setting meet the needs of the children in the Early Years Foundation Stage? ? 2 The capacity of the provision to maintain continuous improvement ? 2 How effectively is the Early Years Foundation Stage led and managed? ...read more.


How long after initially contacting The surgery did you actually see or speak to them? On the same day 2 On the next working day A few days later 5 A week or more later 3 Can?t remember Q9. How helpful do you find the receptionists at Your GP surgery? Very helpful Fairly helpful 6 Not very helpful 4 Not at all helpful Don?t know Q10. Would you recommend your GP surgery To someone who has just moved to your local area? Yes, would definitely recommend 3 Yes, would probably recommend 4 Not sure 2 No, would probably not recommend No, would definitely not recommend 1 Don?t know Q11. Overall, how would you describe your experience of your GP surgery? Very good 2 Fairly good 6 Neither good nor poor 2 Fairly poor Very poor As you can see from my questionaire most people are generally happy with the services that their local doctors surgery give, however as you can see above there could be a few things that could be improved like making recepciontists more helpful by maybe giving them more information about things so they are of more use to the patients. Another thing is contact times, I know that doctors surgerys are in high demand but still people are finding that they have to wait a long time after contacting them before they even get back intouch with them and then they have to wait further ammounts of time until the appointment. So being able to improve reaction times would be beneficial. ...read more.

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