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barriers in communication

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AO1 b Confidentially means that when working with service users you do not divulge information unnecessary. It also means that you keep all the information that you have safe and secure. Confidentiality is the way to build safe trusting professional relationships. Confidentiality often has to be kept within boundaries and the rights for others to only know what they need to know. Sometimes in certain circumstances you may have to break confidentiality these would be if people were at risk from * Harming themselves - a service user has threatened to harm themselves in a serious manor * Intend to harm others - threats to kill * Serious criminal intent - in possession with intent to supply illegal substances * If they were at risk from others - a service user explains that their son is stealing money off them and they can't afford all their necessary supplies * Child protection A care worker may have to tell their manager something that they have found out or learned in confidence. The information is not made public so it is still partly confidential. Information may need to be passed on to mangers in the above circumstance Confidentiality is an important right for all service users because * Service users may not ...read more.


Of course there are people that do need to know either because they are directly involved in providing care for the individual or because they are involved in another support role. However not everybody needs to everything so it is important the information is given on an need to know basis. Once something is written down or put on the computer system it then becomes a permanent record. For this reason you need to be careful what you do with any files, charts, notes or other written records. They must always be really careful with files which leave in a workplace. There are many stories of files being stolen from cars and left on the busses. Records kept on computers must also be kept safe and protected. Your workplace will have policies relating to records on computers which will include access being restricted by a password and the computer system being protected by the possibility of people hacking into it. Equality, diversity and rights Equality means that individuals are all treated equally for example there are employment laws in place which ensures that organisations treat everyone equally. Equality basically means that all people have the same value. ...read more.


It is well recognised that many people fear something or someone that is different from them. The 16 human rights from the human rites act 2000 are > Right to life > Prohibition of torture > Prohibition of slavery and forced labour > Right to liberty and security > Right to a fair trial > No punishment without law > Right to respect for private and family life > Freedom of thought, conscience and religion > Freedom of expression > Freedom of expression > Freedom of assembly and association > Right to marry > Prohibition of discrimination > Protection of property > Right to an education > Right to free elections > Abolition of the death penalty A widely known model for interpreting human needs was developed by ABRAHAM MASLOW. Maslow's definition of needs covered not just the basics of food, water and shelter but also social, emotional and intellectual needs as well as the need to maintain health Everybody has their own preferred way of communicating whether it's speaking a different language or using other communication aids - this is their right. Using the preferred communication method is the key to overall good communication in health and social care. However it can be expensive and have huge implications for the organisation having to organise it. ?? ?? ?? ?? Holly Law ...read more.

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