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Barriers to communication m2 d1

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´╗┐Charliee Nicholls Unit 1 Task 2 M2 D1 Debbie Reames In my PowerPoint presentation, I outlined and explained the different barriers than can influence communication and the strategies that can be used by health and social care professionals to overcome this. One of the barriers which I identified was a hearing impairment. I said that one of the ways to overcome this barrier was with the use of a hearing aid. A hearing aid is for somebody who has a hearing impairment and the aim of it is to help them hear sounds and voices more clearly and easily. Many services and leisure facilities advertise that they are able to use their hearing aids in their facility by using the ?T loop position?. It is also important that when you are communicating with somebody who has a hearing impairment that you ensure you face them directly & use consistent eye contact. If you are aware that somebody has a hearing impairment then you should be using this positive body language at all times. By allowing them to see your face, you are also giving them the option to lip read if they feel able to do so. This ensures that there are no problems within the communication cycle and that information is passed and received successfully. ...read more.


As I have previously stated, hearing aids, sign language, makaton and body language are all important factors when trying to overcome a hearing barrier within communication. Although hearing aids are commonly used to aid people who have a hearing impairment, there is not many places that advertise that they are able to use them in a particular place. The ?T loop function? enables those who use a hearing aid to be able to hear things easier and more clearly. The image that I have included is a sign that advertises the T loop function on public transport. By enabling people to use this function, it allows them to hear all public announcements clearly. This is a very positive facility as it allows people with a hearing impairment to hear things that everyone else can. I think that this facility should be used in more places such as in schools and colleges. This will allows everyone to receive messages and important updates. Sign language and makaton allows people who are hard of hearing to receive messages clearly. I think that this is a really positive way to overcome a barrier however, there are still a large number of health and social care professionals who are not fully trained in BSL. ...read more.


This is not just necessary for important information, I feel as though this should be used in everyday life if you are in a health and social care professional role which involves you meeting the needs of somebody who communicates in a different language. For example; if you are a care assistant working within a residential home, and Mr Mambo is from Pakistan and speaks Urdu. None of the staff at the setting speaks this language so they translate all relevant information such as care plans, routines, activity rotas and menu?s into Urdu so that he is able to understand this fully and is aware of how he is being cared for and is also able to have his input into his care plan. http://www.sct.nhs.uk/_documentbank/InterpretingAndTranslationGuidanceAndProcedures.pdf The above link shows a language interpretation and translation policy and procedure for a hospital. It clearly states which safety precautions should be in place to protect both the service user and staff. It is essential that the interpreter has a current, up to date CRB check to ensure that he/she does not have any serious or pending criminal convictions. (Criminal Records Bureau) This document also explains how to access these services and ensuring that you strictly keep to the confidentially policies and procedures. http://www.nhs.uk/chq/Pages/894.aspx?CategoryID=68&SubCategoryID=157 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cornwall-16963791 ...read more.

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