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Birth deformations.

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Birth deformations many children born today are born with something wrong with them. there are many different diseases and deformations that babys can be born with. these include: sickle-cell haemoglobin; A deformation in the haemoglobin producing gene in the blood causes a disease known as sickle-cell anaemia. this makes the structure of the protein that carries oxygen in the human body severely altered. Due to this mutation the structure of the red blood cells is changed into a narrow sickle-shaped appearance. ...read more.


Damage to the brain could occur before, during, or shortly after birth. Prenatal causes include maternal infection (especially German measles), radiation, and maternal diabetes. Causes at the time of birth include trauma in delivery, prematurity, and multiple birth (especially for infants born last in a multiple birth). Cerebral palsy can be divided into four main groups: Spastic syndromes, in which the muscles become stiff or paralysed, represent about 70 per cent of cases. ...read more.


The chief goal in treating cerebral palsy is for patients to develop maximal independence within the limits of their individual motor and associated disabilities. Usually the extent of damage cannot be fully assessed until the child is about two years old. Drugs can sometimes be helpful; for example, seizure can be controlled with anticonvulsants. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, the use of braces or other mechanical devices, orthopaedic surgery, and speech training may all be required. With proper treatment, many people with cerebral palsy are able to lead lives that are not significantly different from those of people who are not afflicted. ...read more.

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