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Btech National Diployma life stages Pass 4

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Life stages Pass 4 Describe two aging theories of ageing. Use examples from your own oberservation. As we age our body and mind goes through many changes we may contract ill health both physically and mentally. For this assignment I am going to discuss two theories of aging. During our life we engage with other people and engage in different activities. One of these theories suggested by two people called Cumming and Henry in 1961 was called the 'disengagement' theory. This theory suggests that when people get older they naturally tend to withdraw from social involvement, they will also reduce their physical activity and this among other reasons will amount in loss of social opportunities and become increasingly 'individual'. 1974 another theorists called Bromley also agreed with Cummings hypothesis. I am now going to discuss the reasons why Cummings came up with this theory: Travel and technology As we age we may lose access to cars, mobile phones and more recent technologies such as the internet. This can limit the opportunities for social contact. Ill health of friends and relatives If relatives and friends have disabilities or poor health and mobility they may have reduced social contact. ...read more.


is much more available. I have completed my work placement in a disability hospital and I have a number of service users and patients that fir into the disengagement theory, I am going to discuss one man's activities on a typical day. In my placement they offer an art class every day, a bus excursion and there is also a television room available. These facilities are available for all members of the hospital, however not all people take advantage of these opportunities as they prefer to disengage. One particular patient chooses to sit in his room by himself and listen to music rather than interact with other people. He does so as he feels he is getting old and this is the best method for him. Therefore, he fits into the disengagement theory. In 1966 Bromley agreed that people need to 'disengage' as they get older but he also suggested they need to keep active to prevent disengaging from going too far that it turns into isolation and inaction. He argued it was important to stay mentally active and to maintain an interest in life and enjoy the company of friends and family. ...read more.


Health services, residential, day and home care will provide opportunities for physical, mental and social activities. I have recently worked in a care home for the elderly and they provided a number of different activities for them to help keep them both mentally and physically active. The activities include some for the mind such as: * Bingo * Sudoku * Reading * Art * Knitting Then the physical side is: * Yoga * Swimming * Walking In the setting a number of people choose to take part in these activities and they want to stay fit and healthy for as long as possible. They fit into the active theory. Overall I think it is best to stay active for as long as you can, it means a better social life and a healthier body and mind. It may even increase your life expectancy. I feel the disengagement theory would be very hard to do and feel it is very exclusive and lonely; however people will choose this lifestyle as it is their preferred choice, other people may be forced into disengagement theory for example the brain injured or disabled. I have described both the active theory and the disengagement theory giving example from my work placement. ?? ?? ?? ?? Emma McMahon Pass 4 Final Draft ...read more.

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