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Cache level 3 assignment 3 - encouraging self-reliance. Legislation and discrimination.

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´╗┐Assignment 3 upgrade. D1: Another way you could ease the transition from nursery to reception could be day trips to help the child familiarise with the new environment and encourage interaction with older children and introduce to the new teacher. As a follow up upon return the children could be encouraged to discuss any concerns in a familiar supportive surrounding. D2: Another way to encourage self reliance and autonomy would be to encourage group work within the activity sessions, this would allow the practitioners to allocate individual tasks suited to each childs individual skill level. Upon completion all team members would feel a sense of achievement and most importantly self reliance. The theorist Vgotsky believed that by developing children's learning abilities they would be able to complete tasks by themselves with possible help and encouragement from an adult. ...read more.


Is the practitioner expected to get all the children to sing ?Happy Birthday? to the relevant child,or would this cause offence to another child within the group. Also Christmas can pose discriminative challenges. Can the activities involve all the children without offence, or would celebrating the event cause upset and offence to another religion within the group. Physical disabilities can pose challenges that could be labelled discrimination. For instance, in the Spring, Summer and Autumn, outside activities may not be within the physical capability of a child that uses a wheel chair. If the placement does not provide an external disability ramp out the back, as well as the front,this could have the disastrous consequences of leaving the child isolated, victimised and depressed. ...read more.


As a follow on other statutory instruments and relevant legislation followed. The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 was introduced to ensure fairness in the workplace and to ensure equal opportunities available regardless of sex. For example a male should not be refused work at a child care setting just because of his sex, this would also be discrimination The Race Relation Act 1976 ensures that workers are treated equally regardless of race, cultural background or ethnic origin. Control of substances hazardous to health COSHH 2002 places lots of responsibilities on employers and workers to ensure that no one ( child or adult) should be exposed to unnecessary risk from chemicals or harmful substances. For example at my last placement the cleaning chemicals particularly bleaches were stored in the staff toilet on a high shelf even though they had the legal required safety lids, this is as a result of COSHH. ...read more.

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