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Cache level unit 3 Health and Safety, Inclusion and Supporting Learning.

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________________ E1 / E2 COSHH (Control of substances hazardous to health) regulation 2002 provides a legal framework that protects all adults and children in the setting against substances that could be hazardous to their health. Substances such as bleach, glues, washing up liquid and any other materials that could be hazardous should be risk assessed and stored appropriately in line with COSHH regulations. ?Things such as bleach or dishwasher powders, some solvent glues and other materials in your setting can be hazardous? Bruce.T et al, (2007) p266. COSHH influences working practice by ensuring that all potentially hazards materials are properly stored and labelled in accordance with the COSHH guidelines. All cleaning equipment and materials used by the school are stored in a locked cupboard out of reach of all the children. All hazards products including knifes and dangerous items are placed in a cupboard with a child safety lock attached. By doing this and ensuring that all staff are aware of the standards set out by COSHH my placement are doing everything they can to ensure the safety of the children in their care. ?As a result of the COSHH regulations most settings make a list of materials that they have which could potentially by dangerous and show how they intend to make sure that any risks are minimised? Tassoni. P et al, (2008) p127. The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and 2005 means that it is now illegal for any setting not to make reasonable adjustments or changes to accommodate those children with a disability for their parents. Disability is defined as ? disadvantages or restrictions of activity caused by society that takes little or no account of people who have physical or mental impairments and thus excludes them from the mainstream of social activities. According to the social model, disability is defined as ?socially imposed restriction? (Oliver, 1981)? Beaver. M et al, (2008), p543. ...read more.


At the end of the week a special person is chosen to take ?Miss Honey? (a bear they chose and made at the beginning of the year at the bear factory) home for the weekend the child is chosen based on their behaviour and achievements during that week and a record is keep of each child who has had the bear to ensure everyone is included and has the chance to take care of the bear. E6 and D1 All children at some point in their live with experience a range of transitions ?a transition in the context of childcare, refers to the movement of a child from one care situation to another? Beaver. M, et al, (2008), p141 it is part of growing up, however all children are unique and so will deal with transitions differently. Some of the common transitions we all face or faced at one point in are lives are moving school whether from primary to secondary or starting school for the first time, moving home, change of group, class or room, change of routine e.g. school routine or home routine altered. Settings can prepare children in different ways for transitions depending on the kind of transition and the age group going through the transition. ?Fairly small changes can have a significant impact on under 3?s and it is important not to underestimate this. A change to the routine because of a member of staff is poorly may result in an unsettled child?. Tassoni. P, et al, (2007), p144. Children under 3 have a very limited understanding of time, this means that you should not talk about changes too far in advance and will need to go other what is going to happen on a regular basis. Keeping a calendar and counting down the days could have them prepare for school as they will know how long until they will start. ...read more.


Funding in the setting would also influence the setting as it wouldn?t be possible to have the resources you might need in order to meet every child?s individual needs. The Food Handling Regulation 1997 has an impact on settings as it sets out guidance for anybody handling food that is coming to be consumed by the children to follow this could be that the setting has to provide aprons and gloves for food preparation and possible staff training and update training to ensure that all staff know what to do and are complying with the settings policy and procedures set out to reflect this regulation. The Data Protection Act 1998 has one of the greatest impact on the setting where working in a partnership is concern as a breach in confidentiality could result in a breakdown of a working relationship with parents and other professionals and ?A serious breach of data protection is also a disciplinary offence and will be dealt with under the Law Centre?s disciplinary procedures. If a member of staff accesses another employee?s personnel records without authority this constitutes a gross misconduct offence and could lead to summary dismissal? http://www.lawcentreni.org/data-protection.html [Accessed 16.06.13]. In conclusion any legislation regarding childcare is going to have an effect on the setting whether it is a huge effect or little. Depending on the setting and the policies and procedures in place it could be just changing a few routines or polices but for other settings that do not keep up to date or do not bother changing their ways it can result in closer or even the life of a child in their care. New legislation and updates are brought out to reflect something that has gone wrong in childcare settings and are revised to ensure that doesn?t happen again. This is settings must keep up to date and be prepared and willing to change their routines as for anyone working in childcare are main priority is the safety of the children. ________________ | Page ...read more.

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