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Can we treat acne, and what methods should we use?

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Acne Acne is perhaps the most common health condition that can affect people in their life. Acne scars the self-image of a person, which can decide happiness or depression, success or failure, and many other outcomes in life. The question is can we treat acne, and what methods should we use? Acne is a disease of the sebaceous hair follicle that is caused when sebum is trapped within the follicle. Acne occurs where there are a large number of sebaceous gland, for example, the face, neck, scalp, chest, back, upper arms and shoulders. It is usually characterized by skin blemishes, and occurs throughout one's lifetime. Since it is related to hormonal imbalances, acne more frequently appears in women over forty as they approach menopause and at puberty. Acne begins when the body starts to produce androgens. As the androgen production increases and the sebaceous glands enlarge the inner lining of skin by the hair follicle also changes. During puberty the dead cells inside the follicle shed rapidly and tend to stick together. ...read more.


Waking up to find one zit on the end of your nose does not mean that you have acne. Although acne does occur during hormonal imbalances, it is usually persistent after the hormones are regulated. Pimples only occur during hormonal imbalances, and are more common than acne. There are many ways to fight off acne. In Chinese terminology, the skin is affected by the liver and controlled by the lungs. Acne is thought of as a condition of heat, toxin in the lungs and damp heat in the liver. This is why the Chinese approach uses medicinal treatments that will cool, cleanse and detoxify the organ system. This is accomplished by eating lots of watery foods like cucumbers, watermelon, raspberries, brown rice and lettuce. There are also foods that should be avoided. They include shellfish, dairy products, soft drinks, coffee and bamboo shoots. You should also try to cut down on smoking, the use of make-up and emotional stress. If you do not squeeze an infected pimple you are less likely to spread the infection, and reduce the possibility of scarring. ...read more.


A list of the side effects (as appear on packet insert): Dryness of skin (with scaling, thinning, erythema, pruritus), epidernal fragility (trauma may cause blistering), rarely acne fulminans, facial hyperpigmentation, dryness of nasal mucosa (with mild epistaxis), of pharyngeal mucosa (with hoarseness), of conjunctiva (sometimes conjunctivitis), decreased tolerance to contact lenses and rarely keratitis, visual disturbances (papilloedema, optic neuritis, corneal opacities, cataracts, decreased night vision, photophobia, blurred vision) - expert referral and consider withdrawal; hair thinning (reversible on withdrawal) or (rarely) hirsutism; nausea, headache, malaise, drowsiness, sweating, benign intracranial hypertension (avoid concomitant tetracyclines); myalgia and arthralgia; raised serum creatinine concentrations reported; raised liver anzymes (rarely jaundice and hepatitis); raised plasma triglycerides and cholesterol (risk of pancreatitis if triglycerides above 8 g/l); allergic, vasculitis and granulomatous lesions reported, other side-effects reported include hearing deficiency, mood changes, convulsions, menstrual irregularities, hyperuricaemia, inflammatory bowel disease, paronychia and Gram-positive infections, bone changes. This is a very long list for a pill that is only wanted to cure acne. Not only this, but it causes depression and suicidal tendencies. From 1998-2000 there have been 54 suicides connected with the drug. This does not include the number of hospitalizations and suicidal tendencies. ...read more.

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