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Caring for children and young people Pass 5

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Caring for children and young people Pass 5 Describe appropriate responses where child abuse is suspected or confirmed, making reference to current legislation and policies. To play an effective part in protecting children in your care you need to have a clear understanding of the rights of the children and the legal framework. For this assignment I am going to discuss what procedures need to be carried out and I am also going to mention current legislation in relation to child protection. The main legislation that is associated with child protection is 'The Children Act 1989'. This act was written so safeguard children from all forms of abuse. The act outlines five key principles to be upheld when delivering services, they include: 1. Paramouncy - This makes the child of paramount importance meaning the child's welfare will be an overriding factor in any court proceedings. ...read more.


The person who believes that child to be abused can be anyone such as family, relatives, neighbours, other members of the public, teachers, and carers. If a child is suspected to be being abused a referral to a social worker needs to be put in place within one working day of recognising a risk. The social worker then needs to establish the following: * How and why the concern has risen * The nature of the concern * What the Childs needs are * Whether or not it is a case of abuse or neglect * Is there a urgent need for the child(ren) to be protected If the social worker dealing with this case feels they may need time to investigate more they can apply for a child assessment order through the courts. This piece of legislation has been put into place for when there is reason to believe that a child is suffering or likely to suffer from any form of abuse. ...read more.


The court may make a recovery order which will be implemented by the police. Supervision order - Supervision order can be made to put a child under supervision of the local authority. The local authority does not have parental responsibility but does have right of access to the child to ensure their safety. This order can last up to one year and can be extended if needed. Care order - A care order places a child in the care of the local authority. Parental responsibility is shared between the local authority and the parents. This gives the local authority power over any disputes that may arise. This order will last until the child is at least 18 unless the court decides otherwise. It is clear to see there are many different policies and procedures put in place in the form of legislation to ensure the welfare of a child. ?? ?? ?? ?? Emma McMahon Pass 5 First Draft ...read more.

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