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Children and the Common Assessment Framework.

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´╗┐Impact On Parents The common assessment framework makes everyone think about the bigger picture, they say that one of the most important things is that the parents are there too. Before the CAF with all the other agencies everything was just looping round in a circle and people werent really getting anywhere. The process can support outcomes for children, young people and their families that have been improved by ensuring that they get the right ammount of support that they need and want. However some challenges are still there, for example they say that more needs to be done with support for early intervention and prevention. Some research was done into the improved outcomes from the CAF, some of these are: 'engaging children, young people and families as equal partners in the process ensuring consistency of ...read more.


it just makes it so much easier when you're talking to someone and they?re not looking down at you or judging you.? Authorities talked about and reported the importance of engaging the children, young people and families fully in everything that is done. The benefits of this are that the parents understand what their childs needs are, improved skills and parenting techniques, improved relationships between families and professionals. Although a lot that is said is good there are a number of challenges that they have found, for example it is hard to engage everyone in the process if they are reluctant to talk to the children's services. The governement wants to make sure that all services that support children and families work together so that they understand and can respond to the childs needs. ...read more.


They were informed that the Common Assessment Framework is voluntary so they do not have to participate at all if they dont want to. It helps their child to receive extra support and can identify if they have any additional needs. Benefits of the CAF for a parent/carer: They are present and help make decisions about the type of support that is needed They only have to tell their story once At one meeting they will be able to meet all the workers who are offering support They take a copy of the Delivery Plan away to remind them who is doing what They know there is one person they can contact who will listen to their views and support them. That same person will be co-ordinating the support for them also. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

A piece of work looking at the CAF. An introduction outlining what would be covered would be useful to help the reader get a sense of what will be presented. It is also useful for the writer in terms of using it to check that what it is the main body matches what was written in the introduction.
As it was not clear what the purpose of the work was, suffice to say that there were several statements which needed substantiating, and it was unclear why there were several quotes from (unidentified) research included. The writing style was in need of improvement due to the frequency of spelling and grammar errors which would not be acceptable for work at this level.
Remember to include a list of references at the end of the work.

Marked by teacher Diane Apeah-Kubi 28/06/2013

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