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choosing health

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Effective Customer Service Staff In most businesses, it is the staff that customers first come into contact with. Staff can create a good or bad first impression of the business. It is, therefore, vital for customers to receive good customer service that staff are properly trained and can provide what customers expect. Appearance Customers expect that staff will be dressed appropriately for the job they are carrying out and for the type of goods or service that they provide. They also generally expect them to be tidy. When dealing with food or personal contact with customers, it is expected that staff also have high standards of personal hygiene. The appearance of staff at Chester Zoo is vital as they present Chester Zoo as an organisation, giving off either a positive/negative image dependant on their appearance. At Chester Zoo, all staff are provided with a uniform consisting of a green jumper with their logo at the same height as their name badge. They are also given a pair of green trousers and black boots, which are only to be worn once entering Chester Zoo, and not outside or on the way in to the zoo. Their uniform must look immaculate at all times and worn correctly. They should have a neat haircut and tied up if long enough to do so. ...read more.


There are virtual tours and other special features that can guide the visitors on the internet. In the zoo, there are methods of transport, which help the visitor to look around the zoo with the help of a monorail that travels all around the grounds of the zoo and the waterbus ride. Overall the location of Chester Zoo is a strength because they consider their visitors as individuals and as individuals they all have their own needs and Chester Zoo has researched these needs of their current and potential customers and therefore have succeeded in trying to meet the needs of these individuals therefore gaining the loyalty of their visitors and increasing repeat business into the zoo. Layout of premises The layout of most businesses can have a major effect on the service provided to customers. This is most easily seen in shops where customers expect to have easy access to the goods and to be able to find their way around without having to ask for assistance. Customers main expectations are for Chester Zoo to have a main entrance as it make the organisation look more professional and the amount of visitors that visit during peak times would need a main entrance. In all restaurants and around the zoo, Chester Zoo's visitors are mainly families with young children and they may need toilet facilities nearby. ...read more.


Nevertheless, this is where they would go wrong and they can turn these negative opinions of these dissatisfied customers into positive opinions by providing them a complimentary day out on behalf of Chester Zoo ensuring that this experience will override their past experience hoping that it will not leave their visitors with an unpleasant view of Chester Zoo. However according to Chester Zoo this scenario should rarely happen as they are a charity based organisation and will therefore not succeed to be a thriving organisation if they continuously give out complimentary tickets to their visitors. In order to minimise this they have put in place an internal complaints procedure that all their staff are aware of and follow in order to prevent any ill feelings. After-care service would also consist of a written form of communication to pass the information with the complimentary tickets to the dissatisfied visitors. To conclude that after-care service is used as a strength for Chester Zoo and this is better for them and their customers as they would not have to experience such a unpleasant experience. Overall Chester Zoo have excellent after-care service and will therefore minimise any possibilities for their past visitors to refuse to go back again to visit the zoo, this is important that Chester Zoo realise that it is in their best interest to keep as many visitors as possible happy as they cannot literally afford to through away business. ...read more.

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