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choosing health

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Choosing Health The government have promoted healthy eating over the last couple of years. Tackling obesity is difficult so the government are trying to help make that process easier. The government's White Paper Choosing Health: Making Healthier Choices Easier was published in November 2004. It set out how the government will make it easier for people to make the right choice by going healthy to be able to adopt healthier lifestyles. There are 6 main priorities highlighted in Choosing Health: 1 Tackling health inequalities 2 Reducing the numbers of people who smoke 3 Tackling obesity 4 Improving sexual health 5 Improving mental health and well-being 6 Reducing harm and encouraging sensible drinking Also the government wants to take action on: 1 Helping children and young people to lead healthy live 2 Promoting healthy and active life amongst older people The government hope that these improvements to the nations' health are improved by 2010 and increase life expectancy at birth in England to 78.6 years for men and to 82.5 years for women. Smoking is the single greatest cause of illness and premature death in England today. Every year it kills an estimated 86,500 people in England (one fifth of all death). Reducing the numbers of people who smoke as this leads to heart disease, strokes, cancer etc because the majority of people felt this was an ...read more.


What the government is doing to reduce the number of people who smoke: 1 Support for smoking cessation availability of nicotine replacement therapy especially to manual workers use of new technology. 2 Reducing exposure to second-hand smoke putting an end to smoking in public places NHS and voluntary agreements. 3 Reducing tobacco advertising and promotion enforcing existing and new legislation banning or to restrict advertising and promotion mandatory picture warnings. 4 National smoking communications campaigns and education. Second hand smoke and health risks of products containing tobacco increase motivation in people who want to quit. "Get active get sum" This article was about losing weight and how Amanda was 13st 13lbs and seeked help from her GP who helped her get into a healthy lifestyle; she is now down to 8st 11lbs. The format is easy to read including before and after a picture which gives a good visual, bold titles and the text is written in columns like a newspaper. This article is aimed at middle aged people maybe with busy jobs. I believe this article is effective as by hearing a real person's lifestyle change motivates others to change their live for the better. Priority C: Tackling Obesity What the government is doing to tackle obesity: * Simple labelling of packaged food clear and simple set of food labels developed with the FSA, retailers and industry reduce fat, salt and sugar in foods and reduce portion sizes. ...read more.


5. A healthy workplace programme encouraging employers to adopt policies and guidelines to help to promote better mental health issues, tackle stress and support all staff experiencing distress. 6. NHS health trainers "We're on the road...to a better diet" This article is explaining to us how a family in Surrey changed their entire lifestyle to get them on the right path to stay healthy. This article is also easy and enjoyable to read and has a lot of helpful details on what they ate and what exercises they did. Priority F: Reducing harm and encouraging sensible drinking What is the government doing to help reduce the harm and encouraging sensible drinking? * 150,000-22,000deaths and 150,000 hospital admissions each year associated with alcohol misuse. 1. Placing information for the public on alcohol containers and in alcohol retail outlets providing clear and accessible information about drinking sensibly. 2. Raising awareness campaigns in order to reduce binge drinking and providing useful information for the public. 3. Local authority enforcement checking retailers identify and refuse to sell alcohol to under 18s to comply with rules and regulations. 4. Increase access and effectiveness of alcohol treatment training professionals to help identify and target support for binge drinkers. 5. Screening and brief interventions identifying ways to reduce alcohol intake linked to criminal justice settings. 6. Planning local responses involving local authorities and the police etc. ...read more.

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